The most common question I get when people ask about creating advertorials and pre-sale funnels is:

“Where do I start?”

This is the hardest part about learning something new.

You sit at the computer with great intentions only to find yourself staring at the screen blankly…

…fingers hovering over the keyboard while you try and force your brain to tell you what to do next.

Along with “I’m not sure where to start” – I also get a lot of “Can you show me a real life example?”

Looking at what other marketers are doing is a great way to answer BOTH of those questions.

So I created a short training breaking down how to start writing a new advertorial by seeing what’s already out there.

Watch the video below to learn how you can use real-life advertorial examples, and adapt the same principles for your own offer:

In this video breakdown I happen to choose a really tough niche to research because it’s in the medical health space, which has a lot of government websites and health organizations that don’t actually sell anything.

If you’re looking for this stuff in a more consumer-friendly industry, you’re going to find it much easier to find examples of advertorials driving readers toward a sales page.

If you’d like to see more real-life advertorial breakdowns, then leave a comment below and tell me about your offer or your niche you’d me to feature next. 

And if you want to learn more about the fundamentals of pre-sale funnels, I break down plenty of real-life examples in my Advertorial Pre-Sale Funnel 101 course

Check it out here. 



    14 replies to "Real-Life Advertorial Breakdown | Quit Smoking Program"

    • admin

      Great! I’m so glad you found it helpful! What niche would you like to see next?

    • Jimmy

      This was awesome Rach!

      Do you see a difference in advertorials between niches?

      • admin

        Great! I’m so glad you liked it.

        Definitely some big differences across niches, and this video is a great example.
        In niches like smoking, chronic pain, etc… you’re going to find a lot of content out there from government or official health organizations who aren’t selling anything (so will skew your search)

        So these can be a bit more complicated to research than something like… dog mittens or whatever.

        And anytime you’re searching for more intangible offers (like ‘how to get girls to like you’ or ‘7 day course to getting the best butt ever) – you’re going to see a lot more “top tips” listicle articles and long discovery stories.

        it’s interesting to see how it varies from offer to offer!

    • Simon James

      Hi Rachel

      How about a breakdown of an advertorial about financial services for the 55+ age group e.g. equity release.

      P.s. I don’t have client with a specific offer for this yet as I’m still in research mode.

      • admin

        Hi Simon,

        Sure thing!
        I’ll plan to create another breakdown video next week for this niche.

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    • Omezikam

      I enjoyed this Rachel. Thank you. Hahaha the difference between an Advertorial & a blogpost? Also, how much longer before the course relaunches :).

      • admin

        So glad you liked this Omezikam!

        To answer your question, a blog post can be used for all sorts of things.

        So while an advertorial CAN BE a blog post, not all blog posts are advertorials.

        An advertorial is MOSTLY valuable content + some subtle advertising promotion to get the reader to take action.

        And you can certainly turn most blog posts into an advertorial .

        Just focus on leadings with value and interesting/relevant information – then tie it back to your offer in a natural way.

    • Randy Redinger

      You rock, Mazza. I don’t care WHAT Branko says…

      • admin

        Hahah thanks Randy

    • Mike

      Hey Rachel,

      Really good stuff! Any thoughts on finding niche-specific 3rd party sites to post advertorials on? (Quora is the first thing that jumps to mind for me.)

      Also are there any specifics/technicalities to watch out for in using FB ads to send traffic to a 3rd party hosted advertorial? (Given this isn’t a Facebook ads tutorial, but anything like “Oh, yeah, watch out for this one thing!)

      Thanks, Mike.

      • admin

        The beauty of advertorials is that it doesn’t really matter WHERE you post them, as long as you’re getting relevant traffic.

        So ANY external site that lets you control the URL hyperlinks would work well.

        If you’re looking to publish your advertorial somewhere specific, then content network placement services like Taboola and Outbrain can help you place “sponsored content” on lots of 3rd party websites like DailyMail, Wired, TIME, etc.

        With Facebook – just remember that your advertorial will be treated like a landing page.

        So follow FB guidelines just like you would if you were linking to a sales page.

    • Dina

      So excited to learn more about your work. I just landed my first advertorial gig and feel more confident to work on it now.

      • admin

        Hey Dina! I’m so glad you’re enjoying all this stuff about advertorials so far. Congratulations on landing your first advertorial gig! What kind of client are you working with?

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