So far everyone seems to be loving these real-life advertorial breakdowns.

These Breakdowns are a great way to troubleshoot the hard parts about writing pre-sale copy – like this one about how to get started writing your new advertorial, and this one about how to avoid looking ‘spammy’ 

… but a few people were confused about how to apply these examples to different markets and types of offers.

So let’s get even simpler and go through a few examples that you could easily apply to ANY market or offer.

In this video I’ll break down 3 different “listicle” style advertorials.

These are all selling similar products, to a similar audience, in a similar style – but using 3 different angles/hooks.

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It’s going to more in-depth and more “step by step” on how to research, write, and use pre-sale pages to convert higher off of cold traffic and skeptical audiences.

If that’s something you’re interested in, then comment below and let me know EXACTLY what you want to learn in that course so I can make this upgraded version as valuable as possible for you.

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