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Advertorial Pre-Sale Funnel 101 Training Course

How to Use Advertorial Pre-sale Pages to Lower Your Traffic Costs by Warming up Cold Traffic and Skeptical Audiences.

Smart marketers know that online buyers today are inherently skeptical. That’s why it’s not always enough to get that first cold click and send prospects straight to your sales page.

If you have an existing product and want to lower your traffic costs while increasing conversions from cold traffic, then an Advertorial Pre-Sale Funnel could be exactly what you need.

A pre sale funnel (also called a customer activation funnel) helps you crack cold traffic by warming up an unaware audience before they hit your sales page.

Like this...

Not only will this increase your cold traffic conversions, but will also lower your traffic costs if you run paid ads...

... reducing your cost per acquisition (CPA) and putting more money in your pocket.

And if you’re a freelance copywriter, then advertorial pre-sale pages are the perfect addition to your copywriting arsenal.

They’re more approachable than a behemoth sales page, and easy to sell to clients since they make their cold traffic funnels more profitable.

The trick is, you've GOT to know how to get readers in the right mindset to buy BEORE showing them your sales message...

...otherwise you’ll trigger your prospect’s ‘salesman alarm’ and run into the same problem as if you sent them straight to your sales page.

So how do you get readers into the right mindset to buy before asking them for the sale?

Introducing the Advertorial Pre-sale Funnel 101 Training Course

Kevin Rogers

Advertorials are the missing link in most cold traffic campaigns and nurture sequences… and Rachel is the gold standard for advertorials. I highly recommend this training.

Kevin Rogers

If you’re just getting started learning about advertorials or pre-sale funnels, this is the perfect place to start.

Here's What's Included:

Watch this quick video to learn what's covered in the course

As you just learned in the video, this course will teach you everything you need to know to become an expert in designing and creating advertorial landing pages

Specifically, you’ll learn:

  • How to use pre-sale funnels and advertorials to warm up cold traffic and convert higher when approaching skeptical audiences
  • Where these pre-sale pages fit in your sales funnel
  • How to design an effective advertorial for your business or niche
  • The different elements that make up an effective advertorial
  • How to choose the best format and structure for your advertorial
  • How to choose the right topic and hook that will resonate best with your particular audience
  • Where and how to position your CTA (call to action) statements
  • How to get readers to take action and move to the next part of your funnel
  • And so much more… All with plenty of real-world examples along the way.

All of this is covered in 7 PACKED modules, which each include an email lesson, a short training video, and homework assignment each day.

Just wanted to say thank you for the course. It was great in helping me understand how to do advertorials – AND – understanding their value.... especially with how the major traffic networks want you to operate these days.

- Ranveer S., Freelance Copywriter

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