Story-Driven Copy That Warms Up Cold Traffic And Gets Readers To Take Action

Meet Rachel...

If you're looking for a persuasion specialist and can handle a light peppering of cheeky quips – then you're in the right place.

I'm a direct response copywriter and marketing consultant who specializes in warming up cold traffic using story-based copy.

I help businesses with existing products improve their funnels by fixing broken links between the first customer touch point and the final sale.

If you need persuasive copy that actually sounds like you (and not some cheesy sales robot) then I can help you make a deep personal connection with your readers and get them to take action.

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How to Maximize Your ROI When Working with a Direct Response Copywriter

While sales copy is never 'hands off' - working with a copywriter can be easy peasy!

Get the scoop on the 5 critical elements every business owner needs to control when hiring a new copywriter. Including...

  • How to choose the RIGHT type of writer for your business (it might not be a sales copywriter!)
  • How to undercover the REAL reason you're looking for a copywriter (most business owners are not being honest with themselves)
  • How to track and measure their performance to find out if their copy actually works.
  • What you should tell them to make sure they give you EXACTLY what you need.
  • The boundaries and expectations you should set BEFORE you pay a penny.
  • Where to find a copywriter that's the best fit for your industry or niche.

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Stinus Hojensbo


This content is great. We published your content and the click through rate went through the roof, increasing by 166.2%!

Stinus Hojensbo, Copenhagen SEO
Kiri Masters


Not only everything was high quality, it clearly got results. Your excellent analysis was insightful and working with you creates more consistency, predictability and measurability.

Kiri Masters, Bobsled Marketing
Jim Banks


Sales have exceeded all of last year. Because of how well the content converts I’ve had to turn off the advertising for a bit so we can keep up!

Jim Banks, Camp Cypress Dog Retreat and ARCS Self Defense

Complete portfolio available upon request

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