If you’ve been playing with paid traffic, then you already know it’s not enough to get that first cold click and send prospects straight to your sales page.

That’s because people are FLOODED with advertisements and marketing messages constantly. In fact, most Internet users see over 5000 ads per day!

This means people are over-marketed to and have “heard it all before,” which makes them inherently skeptical.

If you’ve got a great offer that’s proven to convert – but you’re struggling to crack cold traffic – then you’re probably paying too much in advertising costs.

But if you can convert MORE of these cold traffic audiences, then you can lower your CPA (cost per acquisition) and increase your profit margins – stabilizing your cold traffic funnels and making them easier to scale.

So how do you warm up those skeptical readers so you can pay LESS for traffic and convert MORE cold prospects?

For almost a decade I’ve worked with publishers, media buyers, and entrepreneurs to create pre-sale funnel copy that helps them fix or improve broken parts of their funnels.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned during my time working with clients and running two successful marketing agencies, and boiled it down to  a proven, 5-step system that helps you warm up cold traffic and skeptical audiences.

Now I’d like to share that system with you to help you lower your traffic costs by converting more cold prospects.