Here’s a quick video on how to position advertorials on the front-end of your funnel. 

In this video we break down an great example of how to use pre-sale pages to:

  • Build your email list
  • Generate high-quality leads
  • Pre-qualify prospects before they enter your funnel
  • Push a free front-end offer to improve your cold-traffic conversions

Here’s the walk-through video I promised:

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    2 replies to "Using Advertorials As Your Front End Funnel"

    • Rob Tidwell

      Hey Rachel,

      Just FYI the last couple minutes of the video are glitchy. At least for me.

      • admin

        Hey Rob!

        Thanks so much for letting me know. The Loom software hates the inside of my brain. And by “inside of my brain” I meant the 63497823749823 tabs that I have open in my browser…. which is a direct reflection of what the inside of my brain looks like.

        I’ll close a few (or few hundred) next time so we don’t glitch out.

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