There are several advertorial mistakes which can TANK your conversions.

“Pushing the sale” is one of the most common.

That means you’re promoting your offer too hard for the awareness level of your audience.

When you “push the sale” your copy comes off as salesy – or in the worst cases – spammy.

It’s the difference between someone feeling informed and entertained after reading your advertorial…

… or feeling like someone hacked their friend’s Facebook account and tagged them in 67 “Half Price Ray-bans” photos.

No one wants your crappy sneakers, George.

Remember, an advertorial is MOSTLY valuable content, with a little bit of ad thrown in.

(Editorial + Ad = Advertorial)

You want your advertorial copy to be…

1 – Valuable

2 – Memorable

3 – Interesting to read

What you DON’T want, is to rush your prospect up the awareness scale too quickly. Otherwise they’ll throw up their “salesman alarm” and click away before they can get to the next part of your funnel.

But sometimes, it IS appropriate to mention your business name or promote your offer directly in your advertorial. (Confused yet?)

To show you the difference, here’s a real-life advertorial breakdown of how you could promote your offer directly using valuable, interesting, and memorable content.

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