How To Present Your Sales Message Without Being A Stilted Sales Robot

I just got back from Copy Chief Live (which was AH-MAE-ZING) where I presented on stage about pre-sale funnels and advertorial pages.

Here’s a picture of me on stage making ugly talking faces at every possible moment so I can’t get any usable authority pictures. 

When I went up to give my presentation, I was so freaking nervous – which is very unusual for me.

Before I was a copywriter I used to do a lot of acting and spokesperson work, and would blabber on about any topic I could get my hands on without blinking.

So I was surprised that the idea of getting up on stage in front of an audience that was largely made up of my friends and colleagues was so scary to me…

… ESPECIALLY because I had just presented this topic on The Copy Chief Radio Podcast and done a full, hour-long training inside Copy Chief’s private community.

It’s like… what’s the deal brain? I thought we were cool!

Then I realized…. I knew EXACTLY why I was shakin’ in my boots (or Clark’s Wedges) at the thought of walking up on that stage.

Check out the video below to find out why, and how YOU can use my experience to present your sales message naturally so your audience will know, like and trust you.

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