“I’ve gotten to know Rachel really well.”

That’s the first thing I hear when Kevin Rogers sends me the sneak peek of our new podcast episode on Copy Chief Radio.

And it’s terrifying.

Because you know what happens when someone gets to know you “really well?”

…. they know your deep dark freaking secrets –and they can USE them to liven up the episode.

Fortunately for me Kevin is a such a stand-up guy (get it? because he’s a comedian) and didn’t reveal live on-air that one of my first successful copywriting promos was about a** bleaching….

….at he least saved that for the PRIVATE training webinar we did inside Copy Chief.

And good thing we didn’t talk about travel or vacations because I’d be hella’ in trouble with some of THOSE stories. (Ever seen what they do with gerbils at a “ping pong show” in Thailand? Don’t google it. Trust me)

But what we DO reveal in this week’s episode of Copy Chief Radio is how to warm up cold traffic and skeptical audiences using advertorial pre-sale pages.

Trust me… it’s sexier than it sounds.

Take a quick “squizz” as my Aussie-boyfriend says (which, I learned, means ‘peek’ and not ‘pee pee’) and join us as we chat about:

  • How the top marketers are using Advertorials to move prospects up the awareness scale and outperform competitors
  • How to use pre-sale copy to get past PPC compliance issues and lower ad costs
  • The psychological power behind the pre-sale page and why it’s critical to understand BEFORE buying cold traffic
  • Why the #1 job of your advertorials is NOT to sell…
    (Getting this wrong will cost you time, money, and most importantly, people who want what you have to offer)

… and if you stick around until the end we’ve got a fun little plot twist for you.

As Kevin Rogers says, thanks for ‘handing over your brain to us and sticking us in your earhole’

Get the episode here: https://copychief.com/ep-104-rachel-mazza

EP 104:




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