How To Tell Stories To Warm Up Cold Traffic

Part 3: How To Use Pre-Sale Pages In Your Sales Funnel

Last week we learned how stories work to get people into an emotional state, reducing their objections to buying by turning off the “logic switch” in their brain.

This week let’s dive into HOW these story-based landing pages fit into our sales funnels.

Here’s a quick video breaking it down, and then we’ll dive a bit deeper in the post below:

Depending on who you’re speaking to, these landing pages have many different names. Some people call them advertorials or pre-sale pages. Other media buyers call them driver pages.

Regardless of what you’re calling them, they’re generally used “middle man” page that sits in between the initial touch point and your final sales page to warm up cold traffic by priming prospects BEFORE they see your sales message. 

For example, if you’re running Facebook ads, this page sits between that initial click on the ad, and the landing page where you want to capture a lead or get someone to buy.

Side note: This is also a great tool if you need to create another layer in your sales funnel to help with compliance issues relating to running PPC to a sales lander. 

In this situation, someone will click on your Facebook ad, and be taken to a pre-sale page where they”ll read a story that will put them into the right mindset before they click through and see your sales message.

So by the time they see your sales page, they’re already primed to buy. They’re already open to hearing what you have to say about this solution that you’re offering to solve their problem.

What we’re doing here is moving the prospect further up the awareness scale (moving them to a higher level of awareness regarding your product, your company, and the solution your’e offering to their problem).

So before you create your story, you need to know know ahead of time what kind of mindset you want these people to be in when they hit your sales page.

That’s how you meet the customer “where they’re at” as we often say in marketing.

For example – does your story help them discover that they have a problem for the first time?
Or do they already know they have a problem and now they’re looking for potential solution?

Remember, the purpose of this pre-sale page is NOT to sell your product. That’s the job for your sales page.

Ask yourself, “What is the one thing I want these people to know or believe before they click through and see my sales message?”

^^^ That’s the goal of your story. ^^^

Get them thinking about that one thing.
And then get them to click.

So now we’ve learned WHY stories work so well in sales. And we’ve talked about HOW to work these stories into our funnels. 

Next week we’ll dive into how to choose the best idea for your story. The theme or hook that will resonate best with your audience, and move them up the awareness scale so they’re more open to hearing your sales message. 

Need help implementing stories or pre-sale pages into your sales funnels? Let’s chat!

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