PART 5: How To Connect Your Story Back To Your Sales Offer

If you’ve been following along, so far we’ve learned…

Now we need to connect our sales story back to our offer so we can close the sale.

Here are 3 quick ways to connect your offer and your sales story:

The key here is to keep this transition super simple. Don’t overthink this.

All you need to do is create a few sentences that connect the story character back to the product or service you’re offering.

It can be one sentence. Or one paragraph – you just need to bridge the two ideas together.

By creating this bridge, these stories will help people see that the product you’re offering is the perfect solution to their problems. (Just like the problem in the story.)

In the video, we talked about 3 of the ways you can make this transition, such as:

#1 – Introduce yourself or the avatar on your website as if they were entering the story and meeting the main character for the first time.

We do this all the time in sales letters, right? First you tell your story and then say put in a transition sentence to introduce your ‘guru’ or avatar that’s presenting the solution. Like this:

“…. and that’s when I met Jenny. Right before she solved all of her problems using this one simple trick….”

#2 – Introduce another character presents the solution to the problem.

First you tell about the problem your main character is having, and then introduce another character who gives them the solution (i.e. – your offer).

“….That’s when his friend Luke said, ‘Bro you gotta try this new app. It solved world hunger and gave me killer abs and got me chicks and stuff’….”

Wow, Luke is such a helpful dude.

#3 – Use a ‘problem – solution’ sentence to connect the two ideas together

This one is pretty simple. Just state the problem and talk about how it impacts the character’s life, then present the solution and explain how it improved their life. Here’s an example:

“Before this product, I was embarrassed about my thick body hair and felt like a sheep. This made me embarrassed to be around sheep – even though it was my Father’s dying wish that I start a family sheep farm. But now that I have this amazing body hair product, I no longer feel like a sheep. And I can finally honor my Dad by opening this sheep farm.”

Of course that’s a ridiculous example. But you get the idea.

Once you’ve made a connection between the story and your offer then you’re free to dive in to the features and benefits of your product and service.

The difference is, NOW people who are reading will be more open to hearing your sales message and already be primed to buy!

If you get stuck, just keep in mind that the whole goal of these stories – like anything else in copywriting – is to have your readers nodding their head “yes” as they’re reading.

You want them to feel like you’re right there listening in to the conversations they have at their dinner table.

By using their own stories to tap into their emotions you’ll show them that you truly “get’ them, and they’ll be banging down the door to click that CTA button – even if they’re coming from cold traffic.

I hope this was helpful for you guys who have been struggling to make a connection with cold traffic, and if you want to learn more or get help creating these story-based landing pages, then let’s chat!

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