Imagine you’re at a summer cookout and everyone is practically passing out from euphoria because your “secret sauce” has turned out some killer ribs.

Finally your friend corners you and says: “I have GOT to have this recipe. I will trade you my first born if you tell me how you made this stuff.”

A bit dramatic (Sharon loves some drama) but she persuades you to divulge your gastronomic secrets. 

Would you tell her that you “discovered synergy between the succulence of the meat and the piquant liquid reduction by optimizing the herbal elements that enhance both flavors in synchronicity?”

… or would you say, “It’s coriander, Sharon! Ok? Now you know my secret. Add coriander to the sauce.”

The second option would certainly be more effective for getting your message across, right? 

Just like revealing your culinary secrets to pushy party guests, understanding marketing strategies is a lot simpler when they’re explained in plain ‘ole English. 

In these “Babble Breakdown” pieces I’ll decode “marketing speak” into simple explanations that are easy to implement in your business. 

Here’s one I came across today:

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