Let's Get Down To Business

If your a business owner, publisher, or media buyer – and you need help getting people to stick around, take action, and give you money – I can help you with that.

Although, when my Grandma asks me what I do every year at the Mazza Christmas Party, I usually just tell her "I write words that sell stuff.” (Which is also fairly accurate.)

...and then we go back to talking about Aunt Carol-Ann’s scrumptious Italian Wedding Soup.

In reality, there may be a tiny bit more to it than that. I use buyer psychology and persuasion tactics to help you lower traffic costs, improve conversions, and get your funnels purring like a well-oiled Prius. (Do those things still use oil? I don't do cars)

So that's me – now let's cut the small talk and talk about YOU!

Tell me where it hurts.

Here's How We Can Work Together

Desirai Sweder

We just finished testing your new copy. The page is experiencing an 85% improvement in conversions over the original!

Desirai Sweder

Sales have exceeded all of last year. Because of how well your copy converts I’ve had to turn off the advertising for a bit so we can catch up.

Jim Banks
Stinus Hojensbo

This copy is great. We published your new copy and the click through rate went through the roof, increasing by 166.2%!

Stinus Hojensbo