I cut off the tip of my finger.

Which sounds like it’s clickbait, but is really just an unfortunate gardening incident. (I know, I’m special that way).

So long story short– Now I have to wear this weird rubber finger condom, and typing is hard.

While my intention today was to write a huge article about how content networks like Taboola and Outbrain work…

… that will have to wait until my typing appendages are in better working order.

Instead, I made you a quick video breaking down a great pre-sale funnel example in the health niche.

Today’s video breakdown will show you:

  • How to make sure your headline is stuffed with proof and curiosity-driving story
  • A simple way to move cold traffic toward your VSL (video sales letter)
  • How to create a ‘new cause’ to tie your offer into a story
  • Lots of ways to add a boatload of proof into your advertorial
  • A simple pre-sale funnel structure for warming up cold traffic before they get to your sales page

I’ve got that video for you below, but before we dive in, I want to share a rare chance for you to get the same training that first taught me how to create high-performance direct response copy. 

You probably hear me rave about the Copy Chief Community all the time.

And while CC is where I go to “level up” my copy chops these days, it’s not where I first learned to write persuasive advertorials and long-form sales letters. 

For me – The O.G. of copywriting fundamentals is the CopyHour course by Derek Johanson.

This course holds your hand, step-by-step as you learn “the secret” of great copywriters like Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, and more. 

Even today, I still think it’s the best copywriting course out there to get a solid foundation. No contest. 

It’s where I send all of my friends, coaching students, and fellow writers who ask me for the best copy-fundamentals-course out there.

I’m talking about copywriting “must haves” like:

  • How to structure the perfect sales message
  • How to choose the right “hook” for your particular audience
  • How to craft a “pitch” that will have your readers begging to buy
  • How to dig into the minds of your audience so you know their secret fears and desires
  • How to find ideas and themes that will make a deeper personal connection with your audience
  • How to find out what’s already working in your market so you can take the short cut to success
  • and so much more. 

Plus… don’t get me started on the bonuses that help you find clients and get paid big royalties. 

One of the things that makes CopyHour great is that Derek keeps the classes small so he can give everyone as much attention as they need.

But the catch is, they only open the doors to new students a couple times a year. 

The good news is – a new round of CopyHour is accepting new students TODAY.

But it’s only open for new enrollment until Friday, and I have no idea when they’ll open it again. 

So if you’ve been looking for a way to get the confidence and copy skills you need to land your first direct-response clients.

This is your chance.

Just don’t wait, because – while the cart is open until Friday – if it fills up too fast then Derek may close the doors to keep the class small enough to manage. He said his spring class was one of the biggest groups to date.

Check out the new round of Copy Hour here. 

And if that’s not your thing then here’s the advertorial breakdown below: 

P.S. – Thanks to those of you who let me know the Loom videos have been a bit glitchy. I’ll stop using this for video breakdowns to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future and stick to offline recording instead.