We talk a lot about how to use pre-sale copy and advertorials to convert more cold traffic and lower your traffic costs.

This is pretty straightforward for most businesses – especially if you’re promoting a product-based offer or business.

It’s simple to come up with a gazillion and one listicle ideas like, “Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts To Get Your Nerdy Friend”

Or editorial articles like, “How Your Mattress Can Make You An Extra $50k This Year”

Or story based advertorials like, “How One Texas Taco Chef Discovered The Secret To Getting Unlimited Bacon For Life” (I’d read that one)

But what if you have a more complicated or intangible offer, like a consulting service?

Or if you want to use this as a freelancer? Say, a copywriter.

Well you’re in luck amigo. Thanks to our good friend Laura Belgray from Talking Shrimp for publishing this fantastic example for us:

Here’s the breakdown:

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