Recently I asked about your biggest challenges when writing copy for cold traffic from Facebook Ads.

I knew this was a challenge for many marketers, but holy cold traffic Batman –  I did NOT know it was such a hot spot.

You could feel the pain and frustration seeping through screen when reading some of the replies.

As promised, I got together with Mike Rinard to answer your burning questions about writing for cold-traffic FB campaigns.

Mike is a Facebook Ad expert and in-demand conversion copywriter.

He’s in the trenches, every single day, testing and studying what it takes to stay compliant and convert huge numbers when running cold traffic from Facebook Ads.

Today he’s sharing what he’s learned helping 7-figure marketers triple their ad spend while still keeping campaigns profitable.

In this episode of our Cold Traffic Guest Expert Series, you’ll learn:

  • Why writing copy for Facebook is dramatically different than other platforms
  • The biggest mistakes Mike sees marketers make when approaching cold traffic
  • Mike’s system for approaching new FB ad campaigns with confidence
  • His quick-wins for marketers who want to convert higher when running FB ads to cold traffic
  • How Mike increases conversions on the landing page after he gets that first click
  • The biggest thing you need to know to stay compliant these days
  • How to know when you should avoid FB as a traffic driver
  • Real-life examples of marketers who are doing REALLY well on FB
  • And more.