I’ve been reading a book called Rocket Fuel about building legendary businesses.

It’s all about connecting “Visionaries” with “Integrators” to create explosive growth in your business.

A “Visionary” is a person who has LOTS of ideas. They’re the ones that can see a clear, big-picture vision for their company, and sometimes, even their entire industry.

Visionaries build things. They’re the hunters in a world full of farmers.
They’re the 3% of the population that create almost 70% of the world’s jobs.

But they often have trouble communicating that vision to others. They get TOO many ideas and struggle to put them into action. They can’t give up control long enough for someone to help them implement their ideas, and they give their teams whiplash by losing focus and getting distracted easily.

To borrow from a slightly crass idiom…

Frankly, they’re always trying to shove 10 pounds of sh*t into a 5 pound bag.

THAT’s why they need an “Integrator.”

An Integrator is someone who can interpret what a Visionary truly wants, create a clear plan to put it into action, and make it happen.

Visionaries often feel like Integrators are the only ones who truly “get” them – and are always surprised (yet delighted) when they do.

This is the reason Kevin Rogers from Copy Chief and I work so well together. 

He’s the Visionary. I’m his Integrator. 

​​We’re built completely differently, but work so well together. 
And the more we sink into our clearly-defined roles, the easier and more fun things get. 

One thing I love about coaching freelancers, is that there’s room in this industry for both types of people.

Many business owners are Visionaries. If that’s you, then you’ll never run out of ideas to write about. 

But since you probably have trouble sitting still long enough to put them down on paper and hit “publish” – you probably need to hire a copywriter. (Hint, at Copy Chief we’ve made that easy for you with this “Here to Hire” membership. Check it out.)

And if you’re a writer who’s more of an Integrator?

Sweet Lordie Lord you are a absolutely invaluable to the Visionaries of the world.

You’re able to listen to their ideas, and bring them to life with your creative writing skills.

You can help them finally share their message with the world in a clear and interesting way – sometimes for the first time EVER after years of struggling to find someone who “gets” what they’re trying to say.

So if you’re someone who’s struggled to come up with lots of ideas to write about…

You might just be an Integrator who’s missing their Visionary.

Instead of beating yourself up for something that’s not a natural strength, you simply need to find that person who can give you an endless supply of ideas for you to write about.

Seek out Visionaries who have trouble articulating their ideas, learn how to interpret what’s in their head and put it clearly onto the page – and you will become invaluable to them.

And for those Visionaries struggling to get their message out clearly?

Find yourself an Integrator who can translate the ideas in your head onto the page in a way that makes sense to the rest of the world.

Regardless of which camp you fall into, I hope this gave you some clarity. 


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