You’ve been sending in some great questions lately. Like this one from Simon about the last video where we attempted to “unconfuse” the world about advertorials. 

Simon says:

Great question Simon. And I’m sorry that the answer is so ridiculously unsatisfying…

It depends.

Since advertorials are disguised as non-salesy-content, they don’t “sell” as hard as sales pages do. This can make it tough to figure out exactly HOW to promote your offer.

Like most copy, it goes back to meeting your customer where they’re currently at in the buyer’s decision making process. 

For example, If you are speaking to a more aware audience (aware of you, your product, your biz, etc) – you could try a more direct CTA like “Click here to get this offer I’m talking about”

But if it’s a more unaware audience, that might be less effective since that could trigger their ‘salesman alarm’ and turn them off.

To promote your offer more subtly, you might be better off focusing on in-article links (where you hyperlink relevant words of text) that are more subtle….

… or even using the CTA to drive them to ANOTHER advertorial before you ask them to take action on your offer.

I created a quick video breaking down some real-life examples I saw today to show you what I mean:

Get it?
Got it?

If not – post in the comments below and let me know what questions you have. We can dig into this a bit deeper next week.

I’ll post the links to those articles below if you want to take a closer look at them.

And if you want me to take a look at YOUR advertorial, let’s jump on a call. 

We’ll go a lot deeper into the specifics than we do in these quickie break-downs. Instead we’ll take a deep-dive into your headlines, story, CTA links, and how the advertorial fits in to the rest of your funnel.

If having an expert pair of eyes on your Schtuff sounds like something you’d be interested in, then when you’re ready, click here to book in a call with me. 

See ya there!

    2 replies to "Real-Life Advertorial Breakdown: Most Effective CTAs"

    • Alex

      Hi Rachel,

      All those display ads make me wonder if the advertorials are effective. Too many links to distract the reader.

      What are your thoughts?



    • admin

      Good point Alex. My guess is, if they’re still running them, then they must be doing ok.

      But with huge sites like Business Insider, it could also be a numbers game…
      … just throwing everything you’ve got and seeing what sticks.

      I find the best way to estimate how well an advertorial performs, is to go look at the companies who create the pieces.

      You can use FB Ads Library or tools like AdBeat to see stats on an ad/advertorial set.
      If a company is spending lots of money on a particular advertorial, or running it for a long time – that’s a good indicator it’s working well for them.

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