When I get asked about advertorials, the biggest things I see people struggle with are:

A.) Getting confused about what an advertorial actually is (and what it’s supposed to do), or
B.) Selling TOO HARD

I get it. As a marketer or copywriter, your job is to A.B.S. (“always be selling”) – right?

And many times, that is the simplest way to rule the school.

BUT – when it comes to advertorials – go ahead and drop that pretty little “A”

You know what happens when you take the “A” out of A.B.S.?

You get B.S.

Which is what ABS becomes when you’re talking about advertorials.

Ok…. maybe that analogy was a bit of a stretch. You can’t win ’em all, ammiright?  

As I’ve said before, an advertorial is NOT a sales page.

But as many of you have pointed out – it’s not a blog post or editorial article either.

So if it’s not a sales page.
And it’s not editorial content.
And it’s not an Ad…..


So I made a quick video addressing this confus-o-tastic issue in a new way.

Hopefully tackling this a bit differently will as make this as smooth as Deadpool’s scrumptious pleather patootie.

But just to make sure – let’s chat! Leave a comment below the video and let’s dive into this a bit deeper.

Here’s the video: