If you’re like most marketers, the thought of converting cold traffic is enough to make your sphincter clench. 

If that’s a little to below-the-belt for you (literally) – at the very least you might want to pop open a new tab and scroll through Instagram for 2o minutes to avoid it. 

And while I love a good avoidance scroll as much as the next person (damn you video autoplay) – converting off of cold traffic is a skill we marketers can’t afford to ignore. 

We talk a lot about this from a copywriting perspective, but we don’t often talk about the traffic generation campaigns themselves. 

In this “cold traffic expert” series, we’re switching things up a bit. 

Instead of talking to copywriters, we’re going to talk to the experts who are in the trenches generating cold traffic. 

Today we’re talking with my good friend Jerred Morris from Austin, Texas. 

Jerred is a Google Adwords wizard who doesn’t often come out from behind the curtain, so this is a rare opportunity to learn from an PPC master who knows what it takes to get those profitable cold-traffic clicks. 

In this video Jerred teaches us…

  • The #1 thing you need to do to stay compliant today (and how to avoid getting your account suspended)
  • Easy quick wins to increase conversions after you get that first click
  • How to choose the best PPC platform for your business (and which are a complete waste of time)
  • When it’s best to approach paid traffic rather than organic SEO
  • Why using SEO alone is a HUGE mistake these days
  • The clever bribe you should offer on your landing page to turn those clicks into customers
  • The #1 PPC channel most businesses miss, which leaves big money on the table
  • How to plan Adwords campaign funnels that work
  • Why many businesses are intimidated by Adwords (and how to make Adwords campaigns easy so you don’t have to be)
  • And so much more.

Check it out here: