Today I saw an Instagram post that asked, “What does a ‘rich life’ mean to you?”

This is something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately as I explore new ways to leverage my time, like taking on more consulting projects than “done for you” copy gigs…

And coaching groups of students, then hiring them to help me deliver great results ​​to my clients. 

When we first start out on this whole crazy journey, a lot of our “rich life” criteria comes from what we think we should want. 

  • Make $10k /month with your freelance skills… 
  • Work 4 hours /week from the beach…
  • Travel the world for years working from your laptop wherever you find wifi… ​​
  • Booked solid by clients 6 months in advance…​
  • Become a millionaire and cruise around with hawt chickz in your sweet Lambo….​​​​

All of these are legit and achievable goals, and if any of these are on your dream board – I am totally behind you. 

In fact, I’ve ticked most of these off my own bucket list (Not the Lambo. I hate owning a car.  And the color yellow.) 

But as I get older, and think about what a “rich life” truly looks like for me, I find myself rejecting a lot of the stuff I should want, in favor of less sexy criteria. 


  • I want my income to consistently exceed my monthly expenses
  • I want to hire a coach, not just in my business, but in every area of my life I want to improve​
  • I want the freedom to wake up every morning, and work on what I feel like working on that day
  • I want a year’s worth of expenses stashed away in a cash reserve – BOTH for my business and my personal life
  • I want more time to prioritize my health and fitness 
  • I want my calendar to be empty of meetings and zoom calls because my income isn’t’ tied to the time I spend on the computer
  • I want the ability to take 4-8 week sabbaticals 1-2x times a year
  • I want to own fully stocked houses in Lisbon, Chicago, and Australia so I can travel easily between them without getting weighed down by luggage…

    … and maybe a place in Chiang Mai, Thailand that I can easily show up to whenever I want…

    … and DEFINITELY a cabin in the woods somewhere surrounded by mountains and freshwater lakes and far away from the nearest leaf-blower..

Ok, so that last one is still pretty sexy. 

Looking at that list, I see few things I need to do to tick all those boxes:

1 – Diversify my income streams.

2 – ​​​Get paid more for the ideas in my brain (rather than physical deliverables). 

3 – Find more ways to create leverage in my business (work less, make more)​​

4 – Build liquid assets that let me take advantage of exciting opportunities ​as they present themselves.

And to do that – you need a War Chest.

While a cash buffer is great for emergencies, a “war chest” is ​​a reserve of savings specifically for opportunities. 

And that’s exactly what my podcast co-host Laura Gale and I are talking about on today’s episode of The Business of Writing Podcast​​.

Join us as we nerd out about:

  • How to adapt your current skills to different markets and industries
  • Diversifying your income streams as a freelance writer
  • The tactical system for making your income work harder for you
  • How to start turning your online cashflow into offline wealth
  • Our advice for building your “war chest” so you can say “yes” to big opportunities without fear
  • Why an emergency cash-buffer isn’t the only thing you should be saving for
  • How to spot hidden opportunities that will take your business to a higher level
  • Our super secret master plan for leveraging our podcast
  • And more.

Click here to listen to BOW Episode 60:
Building Your War Chest and Creating Leverage In Your Business​ with Rachel and Laura 

Last thing – If you’ve listened to the BOW Podcast before, you’ve heard me talk a lot about my coaches and masterminds. That’s because I truly believe that coaching is the fastest way to get inside the minds of the people you admire, and learn all the little details of how they produce such great work.

I’ve worked with some of the best coaches in the business, and learned a lot over my 7+ years as a freelance marketer. Now I want to pass that on to you. I only take on a couple students at a time, and it’s rare that I have spots open… 

But if you want my personal help mastering your craft, getting crystal clear on your strategy, or growing your business – then ​​shoot me an email and tell me more about what you’re working on and your current goals.