We’ve all got those moments where you can FEEL a huge shift coming in your business.

You stand there on seemingly solid ground and start to feel the rumble, the tectonic plates shifting beneath your feet.

And you look up with awe and wonderment. Because you know.

The big one’s a’comin’

Sometimes it feels like the earth is going to open up and swallow you whole. But most of the time, it explodes upward – forming a new mountain and raising you straight to the top.

All YOU gotta do is stand your ground.

(And pray. A little divine intervention does wonders when you’re playing chicken with seismic kabooms)

That’s how most of this year has felt for me and a lot of business owners I kick around with.

2019: A Cosmic Shift Story

Fortunately, I’ve got a pretty solid posse rockin’ the rumble along with me.

It’s way easier (and more fun) to navigate the crazy shifts in your business with buddies. Especially smart ones.

Like these guys:

Last month at Copy Chief Live, we all got onstage to share the biggest shifts we made in our business this year, and what we learned from them.

For me, that was forming strategic partnerships – collaborating with other awesome marketers to do things bigger, better, and faster than I could ever do on my own.

Because when you put smart brainz together, cool stuff happens.

Partnering up (selectively of course) with other great entrepreneurs and talented marketers makes things WAY more fun. (Just ask Allison Carpio, we get up to all kinds of shenanigans when working together) – But it also makes achieving big goals way, WAY easier.

This is something Dean Jackson (King of the non-salesy, low-friction sales funnel) talks about all the time.

Ask yourself WHO could help, instead of figuring out HOW to do it all on your own.

He explains his “Who, Not How” mantra by using examples of successful collaboration like Kylie Jenner has formed.

She’s built a massively successful cosmetic brand in less than 3 years, been on the cover of Forbes, and is the world’s youngest billionaire.

But what’s crazy, is that she does all this with a teeny tiny team of 7 people. That team produces over $350 million per year in sales.

Here’s what Dean shared in a recent “Who, Not How” case study:

See, what most entrepreneurs do when they want to start a say, cosmetics business is…

They first go and try to find a recipe for making the best lip liners. They order up all the ingredients… they close themselves up in their kitchen and they cook these lip liners up… they start putting them in tubes in their garage… and so on.

Most people spend so much time just to bootstrap things that it takes years before they start making any money.

But not Kylie.

Instead, what she did was…

She partnered with a white label company to manufacture her lip kits. She partnered with Shopify to do all the e-commerce for her. She partnered with a distributor for fulfillment. Her mom’s company does all the administration for the business…

While she and her little team of seven people do all the creative stuff. All the things they really enjoy doing and they’re the best at doing them.

See the power of the Who?

Yes, yes, yes. Of course Kylie had oodles of financial and social capital to start out with.
And of course she’s built up over a million followers to launch her new business to.

But you know what? Lots of people have over a million followers.

In fact, there are 3,600 Instagram accounts with over 1 million followers in the USA alone. That’s one country. On one platform.

There are lots of Milla-grammers. But most of them aren’t billionaires.

Kylie went from $0 – $1 billion in less than 3 years. All by leveraging strategic partnerships and collaboration.

But the thing is, she had to step up FIRST to get things started.

Before any sort of collaboration can thrive, someone’s gotta step up and get the ball rolling.

Someone has to be the first “who” at the forefront leading the charge.

That’s exactly what I shared with Marcella Allison’s Titanides Mastermind at their most recent event.

How to step up. Because someone’s gotta take the lead.

And if you want to make big things happen, then guess what?

It’s YOU hombre. There ‘aint no cavalry comin’

That’s why it’s so important to have these conversations about taking on that leadership role.

Here’s a short clip from that talk sharing what I learned this year about how to step up and lead:

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