There are birds flying around my house.

They are pooping on everything.

Don’t ask me how they got there.

My house was built toward the end of the 19th century, and things like this just come with the territory.

You want gorgeous Victorian architecture and ornate woodwork? Sometimes you get birds.

One minute you’re sitting down to FINALLY build that neat little funnel for your client…

After battling with your brain and doing your best to craft a “creative” environment and distraction-free workplace…

And the next minute, birds are kamikaze diving your skull while flinging excrement around the room.

There’s no shortage of coaches out there, chirping at you about how to “break through writer’s block” or “fuel your creativity” or “10x your productivity.”

They’ll tell you to set yourself up for success by controlling your work environment. By creating a space that’s made for CREATING.

But sometimes life just ‘aint that simple.

Sometimes your kid starts projectile vomiting across the room…

Sometimes your dog decides your carpet needs redecorating…

Sometimes the city decides that 11am on a Wednesday is the perfect time to do maintenance on your power lines…

And sometimes there are birds.

The point is, we don’t always get to “control our environment.”

You’re not going to “crush it” every single day – overflowing with genius ideas and spitting out blockbuster marketing copy.  

So give yourself some grace, and when you DO find yourself having “one of those days”…

Do what you can to set yourself up for success later, and change up your environment.

Take a notebook to a coffee shop.
Hit the gym.
Or go for a walk outside and let your feet do the thinking for you while ideas marinate in your brain.

Physical forward motion fuels creative forward motion.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta go chase wildlife around my house with a net like I’m hunting wabbits.

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