Step inside my "private copywriting vault" ... use this template to easily create  high-performance advertorial pre-sale pages – FAST.

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Kevin Rogers

“Advertorials are the missing link in most cold traffic campaigns and nurture sequences… and Rachel is the gold standard for advertorials.”

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If we haven’t met yet, I’m Rachel Mazza. 

I’m a direct response copywriter and sales funnel consultant who helps business owners scale their offers to cold traffic.

I’ve been building and managing sales campaigns for nearly a decade – both in my own businesses, and for my private clients.

Along the way, I’ve coached hundreds of copywriters and marketers – helping them develop their skills, and earn big wins for their own business or their clients.

I taught them the same skills, systems, and templates I used to build a successful copy agency that created thousands of advertorial presale pages across dozens of industries.

And now I’d like to share that with you...

To help you design, research, write, and use advertorial pre-sales pages to convert more cold traffic and lower your traffic costs. 

I had a funnel that wasn't converting cold traffic. After implementing Rachel's training, we just converted our first sale from cold traffic. I can see they went through the pre-sale page before buying – sweet!

Chris Koehl Chris Koehl
Business Owner

Get my go-to advertorial template taken straight from my own personal "copywriting laboratory"

This is the exact template that I use as a foundation for writing my most successful advertorials...

... and to speed up my copywriting process so I can write 3-4 advertorials per day.

A few years ago, I was approached by a client who had a big problem. They had a fantastic offer that sold like hot cakes to their existing audience, but struggled to scale the offer to cold traffic. 

They knew they had a product that people wanted...And they knew their copy and landing pages were proven to convert….

But they were spending an obscene amount of money on ads, and barely breaking even. 

After losing money week after week, they were ready to give up...Until we decided to test a simple “in between” part of their sales funnel that we hoped would finally crack cold traffic. 

As soon as we tested this “missing link,” their cold traffic conversions increased by 80%. 

It worked so well, I decided to test it with other clients. 

By changing this one simple thing about their sales funnels, all of them saw dramatic increases in click-through rates, conversions, and sales. 

One client even increased engagement by 162% across our 12-day test campaign! 

All from adding in this simple “in between” step in their funnel. 

What was this missing link that finally made cold traffic “work”? These powerful pieces of copy go by many names, including driver pages, customer activation pages, and more. 

I call them Advertorial Pre-Sale Pages. They’re so successful at converting cold traffic, that I was able to build a successful copy agency with a team of 15 writers who exclusively wrote advertorials for our clients.  

THIS is one of my most successful advertorial templates that I used to train my agency team to write winning pre-sale pages FAST so we could produce dozens of advertorials for our clients each week. 

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Janet Johnson Janet Johnson, Affiliate Manager, Bluewater Markets

I love these templates. So helpful! Thank you so much. 🙂

Rachel Speal Rachel Speal, Freelance Copywriter

Thank you for these templates!!! These are super helpful.