We’ve had some Ca-RAY-zee storms here in Florida this week.

Loud, angry, violent. Massive cumulonimbus clouds towering into the sky as they’re pushed out over the water – framing incredible Florida sunsets.

Look at this little beauty:

It’s funny, the more angry and aggressive the storm…

The more beautiful the sunset is. I wonder that’s true for other instances of violence that bring people together.

As I watch these stormy sunsets (and more specifically, the people watching them), I notice that some people stare at the serene colors, and some people stare at the towering dark storms illuminated by flashes of bright lighting.

My boyfriend and I joked about how it’s a direct reflection of our (very different) personalities.

Me – gazing into the gorgeous hues, appreciating the beauty and watching for signs of life in the still water…

And him – staring unflinchingly into the violent dark abyss of the storm.

Opposites do, in fact, attract as they say. That’s what keeps things interesting.

My podcast partner Laura Gale and I are a great example of this.

Despite my best efforts, I’m all about the hustle.

Constantly launching new offers, building new campaigns, and trying to get bigger and bigger. I can’t turn it off!

I admire the way she focuses her efforts on a very selective few activities that keep her business simple, and humming along steadily.

In fact, I use it as inspiration to try and simplify my own business and my life. Do less stuff, better.

In the same vein, I push her to take more action and get her stuff out there.

It’s a fantastic balance – constantly shifting back and forth so we can live in a healthy middle. It’s part of the reason why we work so well together.

The point is – there’s more than one way to build a successful business.

Your way is valid. So is theirs. You don’t have to do anything you think you “should” do because you see other people doing it…

BUT – you better damn well learn from them.

That’s why we were excited to interview Stefan Georgi on The Business of Writing Podcast this week.

Stefan is one of those entrepreneurs I’ve been watching for awhile as he’s built a thriving business, explored various partnerships, and continued to grow at a rapid rate.

He’s achieved an incredible level of success in a short amount of time, so we invited him on the Podcast to ask him how he did it, and how our listeners can replicate what he’s done.

And let me tell you…

We freakin’ GRILLED him on this episode.

I’ll warn you, this one goes pretty deep.

We dig pretty intensely into:

  • Creating wealth and independence in your freelance business
  • Fees, contract details, and the nuts and bolts of freelancing that will help you double or triple your rates
  • Shifting your mindset to stop self sabotage and change the course of your career.
  • The ethics behind copywriting, and the power of sharing what you’ve learned
  • How to turn your brain into an “assembly line” of good writing idea
  • Exactly what Stefan did to go from charging $149 per sales letter to getting clients to happily pay him $60k up-front
  • How Stefan finds and structures his client deals (and why he DOESN’T go after royalties)
  • And so much more.

Buckle up for this one. You’ll want to take notes.

Click here to listen this episode of The Business of Writing Podcast with Stefan Georgi