It’s a special day today .

Exactly 1 year ago today, my biz partner Kevin Rogers and I decided to get legit, and scale the business to something far beyond what either of us had imagined.

Of course, Kevin had already built a thriving business and a reputation as an industry leader long before I got here.

But after years of working with Kevin as my business coach, we decided to partner up, combine our unique skill sets, and implement a system that took us from “Scrappy Start-up” to “Legacy Business.”

The system we put in place helped us step out of the day-to-day operations of the business…

Scale our team from 5 scrappy “do-it-all-yourself-er” unicorns, to 25 talented specialists, all independently working toward a common goal and taking complete ownership of a clearly-defined “seat” …

And STILL double our net profit, while cutting refunds in half.

In today’s episode of Copy Chief Radio, Kevin and I chat with Freelance Finance Guru Jessica Mae Stafford about this phase of growing a business that we call “Building Your Legacy.”

It’s all the stuff my friend Chris Orzechowski lovingly refers to as “Big Boy Shit,” like:

  • The tools we’re putting in place to help our businesses run without us
  • The systems and processes we use to give our team freedom to do their best work without babysitting
  • Solving the “people puzzle” when hiring and leading a team
  • The unexpected secret to making EVERY team meeting efficient and productive
  • How to feel comfortable trusting your team so you can finally “let go” without stress
  • Balancing the creative “Visionary” role with the tactical “Integrator” role to accomplish big goals without overloading your team
  • How to build a powerful culture for your team, and communicate it in a way that gets people fired up
  • The biggest mistakes we made when moving from ‘scrappy startup’ to legacy business
  • And so much more.

>> >>> Listen here to this episode – Growing A “Real Business” (Phase 7 and Beyond)

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