Have you ever taken on a project that seemed like a good idea at the time…

But the moment the money hits your bank account, you realize that you REALLY don’t want to do it? Like… REALLY really.

That happened to me recently, and I learned an important lesson about mentally “checking out” so that you’re no longer available for certain types of opportunities that come your way.

It’s funny. As my business evolves, I notice some things that are a “hard no” for me now, used to be things I strived towards early on in my career.

Taking on as many clients as I could so I could max out my available work hours…

Saying “yes” to everything, including work that didn’t quite fit my skill set (but I knew I could figure out with some Googling)…

Accepting a “cash grab gig” purely because I wanted the paycheck…

These days:

I’m fortunate enough to have grown my business to a point where all of these are an easy “nope” for me now.

And the time has come to add another item to that list…

“Done For You” copywriting projects.

Over the past few years, I’ve focused on investing in strategic partnerships, the right tools and team members, and developing my own offers and products.

And that focus has resulted in some pretty cool stuff!

I developed my Advertorial Training Program, and got a GREAT response from those who took the training. (Enrollment opens again in a few weeks!)

I partnered with Laura Gale and launched The Business of Writing Podcast, which allows me to learn from and share great insights from people I admire.

I’ve partnered with Kevin Rogers from Copy Chief to launch several new coaching programs for freelancers…

And even created a clear path for freelancers to follow to help them launch and grow their business from scratch!

The coolest thing is – on all of these fronts – I am just gettin’ started baby!

There’s a lot to do, and exciting momentum taking off on all of these projects.

And I’ve finally reached a point where I just don’t have room to write copy for anyone else other than myself.

So while I’m still available for coaching and consulting, I’m no longer available to take on done-for-you clients.

I’d much rather send those clients to a place where they can hire a great freelancer who will be able to give them their entire focus.

And I’m excited to give my website and personal brand an overhaul to reflect this new evolution of my business.

Not because I think there’s all these people out there watching my website…

But more because I need to “close the doors” so I can mentally check-out from being available to work with new clients.

Because sometimes you gotta make a commitment to yourself when you realize it’s time to elevate your business to the next phase of your journey.

This is something I’ve been talking to my business partners about for awhile now, which is the reason Laura and I decided to do an entire podcast episode about redefining your business.

Whether you’ve realized you don’t want to work with clients anymore…

Or you’ve been working on a goal you that you realize is actually someone else’s dream…

Or you simply realize that “what got you here, won’t get you there”…

There are plenty of moments in our businesses that force us to stop, really dig into what we want and need, and adjust course.

It might be counterintuitive or against the common wisdom, but there’s a huge amount of leverage in trusting your gut and narrowing your focus to what truly matters to you.

To dive into this more, join us on the podcast as we chat about:

  • Allowing room for change as your business evolves over time
  • The difference between “important” and “urgent”
  • How to get more value from your time
  • Finding experts to help you do the “hard thinking” and stop decision fatigue
  • How to stop inventing things to do to “fill the space” and allow yourself breathing room
  • Letting systems break (sometimes) to prevent “nervous tasks” from taking up your bandwidth
  • How to cut out unfocused work time from your day
  • Overcoming the “what if” fears when making changes in your business

And more.

>>> Click here to listen to the episode <<<


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