Last week I hosted a free “Advertorial Crash Course” training session with Patrick Kenny live on Facebook. 

We hosted that training for free as a resource for freelancers who need to bolster their biz during these uncertain times. 

In case you missed, it I’ll share the replay with you here in this email. 

But first, I want to let you know that enrollment closes TONIGHT for my intensive Advertorial 101 Training Program​​

In fact, there’s 7 hours and 5 minutes left before the doors close. 

I’m intentionally keeping the class small for this live pilot program, so I’m not doing a huge launch. And I won’t send you a billion emails counting down the seconds until the door closes. 

‘Aint nobody got time for that. 

Plus, to be frank, I’m freaking exhausted from the flood of work that’s landed on my desk since this whole corona-quarantine thing has happened. 

Like I said last week, while everyone else seems to be rolling in free time right now…

My team and I are busier than ever. 

That’s because businesses need copywriters more than ever, and there’s never been a b​​​​etter time to be an in-demand freelancer. 

So if you want to add Advertorials to your copywriter arsenal, then click here to join my intensive 4-week coaching program

Otherwise, here’s the replay to the free 1-hour Advertorial Basics training I did with Patrick: 

And here’s the link to join my Advertorial 101 Training Program (doors close in 7 hours). ​​​​​​​​