I’m about to head off to a 4 day retreat at a convent in the mountains of Kentucky with Marcella Allison. (There are so many fun and strange things about that last sentence)

It’s in the middle of nowhere, and I’ll be out of wifi range – so I wanted to get you this before I go off grid.

I just wrapped up a sa-weet coaching program with Kevin Rogers from Copy Chief.

It’s all about how to launch your freelance copywriting business and build momentum to get past that ugly “need clients, but need results to get clients, but need clients to get results” cycle.

We had 40 amazing members go from ‘OMG HALP PLZ’ – to – ‘Lead-gen BOSS’ in 10 weeks.

And while I absolutely lurved reading about how much they learned while going through this pilot program…

I gotta admit….

I learned a metric mammoth amount from them as well.

For example, I’ve been freelancing for the better half of a decade now. Which means I’ve been rejected A LOT since I first started slinging my wares on the rough and tumble streets of the interwebs.

Over time, I learned to fill up my prospecting funnel with enough leads, that I stopped taking it personally when someone gave me a big fat “no” – because there was always another person to talk to right behind them.

After years of doing this, somehow I forgot how absolutely pee-yo-pants terrifying it is to reach out to potential clients and open up a conversation.

I had forgotten how something as simple as saying, “The cost for this will be $x” can seem scarier than strapping into the passenger seat of a honda civic with a 15-year-old driving on their learner’s permit.

Things like generating leads, sending a proposal, outlining the scope of a project – they all feel like getting beamed into space with nothing but a tiny shuttle-pod and a Klingon-to-English dictionary when you’re working on those first solid gigs.

But – that stuff is also SO important to nail down if you want to build a sustainable (and dare I say, enjoyable) freelance career.

And the LAST thing you need is a bunch of disgustingly-positive platitudes about having a can-do attitude, paying your dues, or manifesting that shiznit into existence without having a proper plan to make it happen.

Which is exactly why you should get yourself into the Copy Chief Community.

It’s absolutely PACKED with actionable, proven training and none of the fluff.

In my opinion, this is the #1 thing you can do this year to move your business to the next level.

Not only will you hear from some of the most successful writers alive today – but you’ll also get a chance to network and party with the best working copywriters out there.

So if you’re interested in joining us  >>> click here to sign up the Copy Chief Community 

Because whether it’s finding clients, pricing your services, or learning how to stop beating yourself into the ground during every single project you take on….

…. this is the place to dive deep into the tough stuff.

Can’t wait to see you there.