For years I’ve been borderline obsessed with systems that help you streamline and automate your business.

Maybe it’s my entrepreneurial roots in the “Lifestyle Business” community

But anything that helps me work LESS to make MORE (and actually works) – I’m in.

So much so, that I’m shifting gears in my business to focus even deeper on helping overwhelmed business owners step out of the day-to-day – without balls dropping or slowing growth. (stay tuned for more on that soon)

One of the most common business “gaps” I see when working with clients or coaching students, is that something is either missing or broken with your operational systems or team.

Maybe it’s a quality assurance issue (broken links in emails ’bout to make that vein pop out of your forehead)…

Or that EV-ER-EEE-THING somehow feels like a last minute scramble…

Or maybe it’s an issue with bandwidth on your team, because your A-players keep dancing around burn-out by passing back and forth what I lovingly refer to as the “big ‘ole ball of overwhelm.”

There are a lot of systems and tools out there to help – but not all of them are a good fit for every business.

EOS (The Entrepreneurial Operating Systems) is one that’s worked incredibly well for me, and is the main system I use to run the business over at Copy Chief with Kevin Rogers.

Admittedly… it can be pretty jargon-ey.

And even a die-hard evangelist like me will confess that the whole EOS world is more than a little “cult-ey.”

But it makes sense that any idea which revolutionizes people’s lives would foster die-hard fans and loyalty.

I may be excommunicated from the EOS church for this…

But I am one of the rare devotees who DON’T strictly follow the system to a “T.”

As my good friend Marcella Allison says, “Take what you like, and leave the rest.”

That’s why I was floored to meet John Doherty on The Remote Work Tribe podcast recently.

John is a Visionary founder of several online businesses like,, and

He’s built thriving teams and scaled his businesses using EOS…

But went about it in a TOTALLY different way than I did.

I had a blast learning the unique way they hired the best talent, set their team up for success, and helped John confidently step out of the day to day.

It felt like an alternate multi-verse timeline to how I helped Kevin Rogers and the Copy Chief team do the same.

Big thanks to Jessica Malnik for bringing us together for this great interview on her podcast.

>> Click here to listen to this episode about Implementing EOS

Learn from our mistakes by hearing how we worked through the initial hiccups…

Hear how we got buy-in from our leaders early-on in the process…

And learn how we both customized the system to meet our individual (and very different) needs.


If you’d like my personal help stepping out of the day-to-day without slowing growth or balls dropping, connect with me here.