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If we haven't met yet, I'm Rachel Mazza.

I’m known for helping Visionaries and Entrepreneurs “fill the gaps” in their businesses to boost profits, streamline their systems, and free up time to firmly sit in their Zone of Genius.

Usually these “gaps” fall into one of 3 categories:

  1. An offer is missing or broken
  2. Pieces of the team or systems are missing or broken
  3. The visionary is getting burned out and bogged down by the day-to-day nitty gritty of the business, and needs help stepping out so they can work “on” the business instead of “in” the business

If you'd like my help "filling the gaps" in your business – here are 3 ways we can work together:

"Rachel I want to thank you so much. You have been a godsend. I can feel the shift happening in my company. You’re empowering me to be a better leader and it’s been really remarkable. "

We had a GREAT 2-day consulting session with Rachel – so much progress on the vision, direction, structure of the company.

Before I was feeling very stressed because it feels like things weren’t changing fast enough.

Now I feel confident and clear about where we’re going and like we can get motivated to get things moving along!

For me the biggest impact was the clarity we got and the ability to clearly communicate with my team where we are going! Rachel has great connections in so many ways. Not only is she brilliant but she is an amazing culture and core values fit!

Tracy Matthews, Founder of Flourish and Thrive Academy

I work with select clients as a Consultant or Strategic Partner to help them “fill the gaps” in their businesses.

My roster of private clients includes Kevin Rogers of CopyChief.com, A-list copywriter Marcella Allison from The Titanides and Money Map Press, Henry Bingaman (one of the best working copywriters alive today), plus dozens of 7-8 figure business owners across various industries.

In addition I've built several successful ventures of my own – including a copywriting agency with a team of 15 writers and editors, 2 profitable affiliate marketing businesses which I scaled and sold, and several wildly successful freelance coaching programs.

I've also led a large team of marketers as Director of Marketing of a multi-million dollar SaaS company based in Southeast Asia and China, and the fantastic team at Copy Chief as their EOS Integrator.

I’d love to apply my skills, knowledge, and experience to help you fix tough growth challenges, move the needle on your sales, and streamline your operations, automations, and team.

Here are some ways I’ve worked with clients and strategic partners in the past: 

  • Developed a profitable offer to fill the gap between low-level leads and high-ticket clients
  • Transformed a live coaching program into a scalable evergreen offer with a “turn on the tap” sales funnel
  • Rolled out the E.O.S. system to streamline operations and team management – WITHOUT babysitting or micromanagement
  • Helped overwhelmed Visionaries step out of the day-to-day without worry of balls dropping or mistakes being made – so they can sit firmly in their Zone of Genius
  • Developed copywriting and sales call templates to train entry-level writers produce senior-level results
  • Put operational systems in place that empowered team members to truly “own” their role – creating more transparency, accountability, and results across all departments
  • Built a flagship product, welcome sequence, and ascension model to launch a new branch of the business
  • Created systems to streamline the process of planning campaigns, managing launches, and simplifying marketing operations
Matt Crawford

Rachel helped us design a business structure to meet our goals, and a strong filter for making tough decisions.

Before we met Rachel I felt overwhelmed with the work that needed to be done and our lack of man power. Now we see how personnel should be structured to accomplish our goals, and we have an incredibly detailed accountability chart. She helped us identify exactly the right person we needed to hire for each role, instead of hiring someone based on broad characteristics and hoping they fit.

An even bigger impact was getting help defining a mission statement that we can filter ALL decisions through. One this was nailed down, decisions became incredibly focused and much easier to handle.

Matt Crawford Director of Operations at Halo Hospitality
Bo Ackerson

Rachel helped us set clear goals and expectations for each role in our business.

She also helped define an org chart, success metrics, and vision-traction organizer – this is huge for us!

I love having the framework built out for these and being able to now utilize these inside the company is a big deal for us.

I feel like we are more clear and organized on our goals – Mostly, on the “what we are working towards”

Our time together was super valuable for us!

Bo Ackerson Founder, HALO Hospitality

If you’d like to:

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"I had believed my company’s strategy for our clients to be rather advanced. However, in just 20 minutes with Rachel I had collected a list of new ways for our team to move the needle. 
For industry leading results. I trust her expertise."

Corey Ames, Fire Gang Dental Marketing


"So I just want to say thank you, because your advice yesterday really helped.
I'm getting back something like 50 or 60 hours a month now to focus on growing my business, rather than pulling all the levers myself."

Chris Pearson


"Thank you so much for helping! We implemented the new email strategy you introduced us to, and are getting a lot more sales! Crazy how a short conversation with you has made us more money, pretty sure there are more we can collaborate on."

Nicholas Ho, Foundr Magazine


"Before working with Rachel, everything felt like hot garbage. Now I feel way better. Rachel helped us outline a clear vision and solve big issues with our team.... a 5 star customer experience for everyone involved."

Kayla Ray, Integrator at Flourish and Thrive Academy


"We have an amazing team. She hired everyone on the team. She onboarded them, she's nurtured them. Even MY coaches (like Todd Brown) who have been in the industry more than 20 years all say the team is unbelievable. We're just an incredible team, and that is really credit to Rachel.

Our relationship started with creating the Escape Velocity coaching program. I told her, “I need to create this program.” And she said to me, “Brain dump to me what you would want in it and what you think is important.” I thought we would have like 10 calls like that and we'd like sort through it all, but we had one call and she said these magic words, “Leave it with me and I'll bring you back something.” 

And what she brought me back was what you see in Escape Velocity – outlined, thought through, planned. And then all we had to do was go record the sessions. I've never seen anything like it. She has all these superpowers – more than I could list. 

And so now we've grown this company and now it's where we want it to be, and now it's producing like it should. "

Kevin Rogers, Copy Chief

Personal Coaching


Enrollment opens September 2023 – limited seats available.


Are you a freelancer looking to replace the income from one (or all) of your clients? 

Here’s the step-by-step plan to uncover the low-maintenance, high-revenue offers that already exist in your business... 

So you can diversify and grow your income WITHOUT trading “dollars for hours” or taking on additional client work. 



If you’re a creative marketer looking to start or grow your freelance business – then the Freelancers Journey Accelerator Mastermind was made for you.

I've partnered with Copy Chief’s Kevin Rogers to bring you this private coaching group that provides custom coaching and accountability to help you move through all 7 phases of The Freelancer’s Journey. 

Get help achieving specific goals and overcoming your unique challenges in this intimate all-access mastermind.


Enrollment opens September 2023 – limited seats available.

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Client-free Income Offers: 

How to uncover the low-maintenance, high-revenue offers that already exist in your business... 

So you can diversify and grow your income WITHOUT trading “dollars for hours” or taking on additional client work.

“Mine The Gap”

The 3 gaps every business owner needs to fill to scale up profits, reduce team overwhelm, and confidently “let go” so they don’t have to do it all on their own.

So you can diversify and grow your income WITHOUT trading “dollars for hours” or taking on additional client work.

The “In Between” Page That Warms Up Skeptical Audiences:

How To Lower Your Traffic Costs And Convert More Cold Traffic Using Advertorial Pre-sale Pages

Building Your Authority 

How To Build Authority And Position Yourself as THE Go-To Expert In Your Industry

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