The Stuff I Swear By

These are the tools and resources I swear by and recommend to my besties when they ask me for recommendations.  (If you're concerned... I don't really call my friends besties. Too Kardashian. But I do recommend them cool stuff whenever I can)

Here you'll find tools and resources that help level up your biz...
Plus a few things that just make life easier.

Whenever I geek out on something that flips me into Millennial-mode like, "OH MAH GAWD THIS IS AMAAAZZING"  – I'll share it with you guys so we can be extra together.

"Almost" Free Stuff

Here are a few resources that aren’t TECHNICALLY free… but might as well be for the amount of value they provide. These are the tools I use to make work a little less...well...worky

Not Free Stuff I Swear By

While these last resources aren’t free… I recommend them to anyone looking to beef up their copy or business skills. These are things I use myself and recommend to my closest friends and colleagues.

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And A Little More 1-on-1?

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