The Stuff I Swear By

This is the stuff I swear by and recommend to my bestest besties when they ask me for recommendations.  (Just kidding.. I don't call my friends besties. That's too Kardashian for me. But I do recommend them cool stuff whenever I can)

Here you'll find tools and resources that help you write killer copy or level up your biz...and a few things thrown in that just make my life easier.

Whenever I run into something that gets me making ugly faces when I say "OH MAH GAWD THIS IS AMAAAZZING" because I'm so excited I found it... I'll share it with you guys so we can make ugly faces together.

To Beef Up Your Skills

Guides, Training, and Resources To Help You Level-Up Your Copywriting and Marketing Skills

Advertorial Course

My step-by-step system teaches you how to research, design, create, and use advertorial pre-sale pages to convert higher when running cold traffic. Learn how to get readers in the right mindset to buy before they land on your sales page.


Copy Chief Training Dashboard

Learn "what's working now" with this on-demand "Copywriting R&D Laboratory" – Delivered to you in real time with clear and actionable video trainings so you can implement the most proven copywriting tactics immediately.


Copy Hour

This 90-day course teaches you the underlying principles of writing direct-response sales copy. By hand-writing and learning each piece of a high-performance sales message, you'll become a true expert in the art of written persuasion.


Advertorial Template

Get my go-to advertorial template taken straight from my own personal "copywriting laboratory." This is the exact template that I use as a foundation for writing my most successful advertorials.


Quick Conversion Copy Checklist

Make sure every page and post on your website meets the 5 critical copy elements that transform new readers into profitable sales. This is the same checklist I used to train and manage my team when I built my SEO-optimized Copy agency.


Plug 'N Play

I designed this system for business owners or agencies who want to create advertorials and pre-sale landing pages at scale. Use this system to train your team (or yourself) how to write stories that prime your readers to buy before you present them with your sales message.


To Grow Your Biz

Get legit with these resources to grow and stabilize your biz

To Make Your Life Easier

These are the tools I use to make work a little less...well...worky

Asana - Project Management Tool

Asana is the tool I use to organize and manage pretty much everything I do. There are a lot of GREAT project management tools out there, but this is one I've used for years and they only keep getting better. You can have conditional subtasks to break down big tasks, timelines to make sure you hit your deadlines, and recurring reminders to keep you on track with ongoing goals. If you work with others, it's also a great place to bring your  team’s work together in one shared space. (and my personal favorite – no scrolling chat function!!! #DownWithSlack)


Toggl - Track Your Time

Toggl.... Oh toggle. For years now, I've been meticulous about tracking my work hours. Toggl is the simplest and easiest tool I've found to do this. (Plus, it's free!) It helps me stay productive, and has amazing (and pretty) reports to help me break down my time, and continually streamline my activities. The fastest and easiest way to discover how much your time is truly worth.


Gusto - Payroll and Employee Management Software

Gusto is great if you've incorporated your business as an S-corp, or if you'd like to hire W2 employees. My business is an S-corp, which means I'm required to pay myself a salary through a registered payroll software. Gusto automatically pays my employee tax to the IRS, and helps me manage everything needed for taxes, government assistance, insurance, and more.


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