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If you've heard any of my crazy ramblings or read my blog, then you probably know I'm a bit nuts for story-based landing pages.

These babies go by all sorts of names – advertorials, drivers, pre-sale pages – regardless of what you call them, they're pretty freaking' awesome at warming up cold traffic.

You can learn all about pre-sale funnels here, but the short version is that carefully-crafted stories can move prospects further up the buyer's awareness scale – priming readers to buy before they ever land on your sales page.

Now, the cool thing about running your own business is that it's constantly evolving, and not everyone is quite ready to hire me to craft the high-performance, done-for-you stories.

But I didn't want ANYONE to miss out on this copywriting powerhouse, so I've created a series of training, templates, and real-life examples that will help you create pre-sale pages that warm up cold traffic for YOUR business.

I call it the Plug 'N Play Pre-Sale Copy System, and it's specifically designed for marketers on a budget who aren't ready to invest in my done-for-you services, but still want to get KILLER copy for their business.

If you want to train your team (or yourself) how to write stories that sell, then you'll want to get on the waitlist ASAP.

I'm putting the final touches on this system, and will offer a huge 'beta user' discount to anyone on this launch list in exchange for giving me a bit of feedback on this first version.

And anyone on this waitlist will automatically get version 2.0 for free.

Enter your details below to get in on the action while this offer is still available.

Or if you absolutely can't wait, then you can get my Advertorial Pre-Sale Funnel 101 Training Course further down this page.

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Other Cool Stuff I Think You Should Know About

This is the schtuff I swear by and recommend to my bestest besties when they ask me for recommendations.  (Just kidding.. I don't call my friends besties. That's too Kardashian for me. But I do recommend them cool stuff whenever I can)

Some of these are DIY guides and resources I created myself to help my clients or friends.

The rest is stuff I think will help you write killer copy or level up your biz... 

... and a few things thrown in that just make my life easier.

Whenever I run into something that gets me making ugly faces when I say "OH MAH GAWD THIS IS AMAAAZZING" because I'm so excited I found it... I'll share it with you guys so we can make ugly faces together.

Some of these are affiliate links. Which means if you use my link then I get paid a couple of bucks. (Like... cheap wine money... not enough for a trip to the Maldives). I promise that using my links will never change the price you pay (unless you get a discount...because I LURV sharing good deals), and I will never recommend anything I wouldn't confidently use myself and recommend to my closest friends.

Copy Chief Community

What Is It?

A training ground and online community of professional copywriters and business owners. Get feedback on your copy, have fun with people who 'get' you, and get exclusive training from some of the best in the biz.

Why I Recommend It

My business would not be where it's at today if I hadn't joined Copy Chief. It's run by legendary copywriter Kevin Rogers who's not only a stand-up comedian... but also a stand up guy. He has an incredible level of integrity and professionalism, and that really permeates the culture of this community.

Who Needs It?

Copywriters who already have some experience under their belt and are looking to take their business to the next level - or - business owners looking for GREAT copywriters who are both talented and professional.

Copy Hour Course

What Is It?

A 90 day course that teaches you the fundamentals of copywriting, and also what's working today. Also comes with access to the "copy cartel" trainings which are all about building your freelance copy business or creating sales funnels for your product.

Why I Recommend It

This is how I first learned to write sales copy and I still refer back to these trainings when I take on new projects. Derek does a great job of breaking down copywriting concepts and explaining both why they work, and how to use them in the real world. It's also easy to implement each lesson along the way so you don't have to wait until the very end to start seeing results.

Who Needs It?

Only people who are serious about learning how to write sales copy. You'll need to dedicate at least 1-2 hours per day, 6 days per week to this course for 90 days. If you're willing to put in the work... your skills will be way better than 99% of new copywriters.

Guide: How To Hire The Right Copywriter

What Is It?

A down and dirty guide to help business owners get a quick ROI and make the most of their copywriter. Uncover the REAL reason you're looking for a copywriter (most business owners are not being honest with themselves). Learn how to track and measure performance. And learn how to work with a copywriter to get exactly what you need the first time.

Why I Recommend It

I was tired of hearing horror stories where business owners had a terrible experience with a copywriter. Most of the time this was because they didn't know what to look for, what to expect, or how to set boundaries and expectations. I created this guide to help both business owners and copywriters have a better experience collaborating together.

Who Needs It?

Anyone who wants help choosing the finding, choosing, and hiring the right writer. And how to manage the relationship so you make sure you get exactly what they need from your sales copy.

Learn To Quote Tool

What Is It?

An easy-to-use tool that helps you stop underquoting and get paid what you're worth. You put in the details of your project, and it calculates the ACTUAL cost you need to charge the client (not the pitiful bare minimum your underquoting brain spits out to get you in trouble).

Why I Recommend It

Using this tool helped me triple my profit and make my first six figures. I couldn't figure out why I would work so hard, and do so many projects, and STILL end up broke each month. This tool helped me stop underquoting by taking the math and estimation out of my hands.

Who Needs It?

Freelancers who don't know how to quote (or constantly underquotes) and want to make more profit from each project they take on.

Guide: Quick Conversion Copy Checklist

What Is It?

A rapid-fire checklist that will help you make sure every page and post on your website meets the 5 critical copy elements that transform new readers into profitable sales.

Why I Recommend It

This is the same checklist I used to train and manage my team when we built a 6-figure content agency. The team used this guide to successfully deliver high-performance content to our clients that was both primed to convert browsers into buyers, and rank well on search engines.

Who Needs It?

This is ideal for anyone hiring, training, or managing writers on your team. It's also great for anyone who wants to make sure their website content will both engage readers and bring long term traction from organic traffic at the same time.