Anytime I get an opportunity to co-coach with Kevin Rogers, I chalk the day up to a win.

Kevin’s got a rare talent for helping you think your way around a problem to pull the answer out of your own brain (rather than blindly following what someone else tells you to do).

Not only does this give you a nice little ego-boost (you so smart)…

… but it helps you evolve and grow as a business owner since it forces you to focus your learning. In a world of info-product overload, this is SO freaking valuable.

Plus, on top of bumping your biz to the next level, Kevin’s also just gosh darn FUN to talk to.

(Makes sense since he toured as a stand-up comedian for years before making the leap to copy and coaching)

A few weeks ago we helped a new copywriter named Angela polish up her first proposal before sending it off to the client during her Copy Chief hotseat.

Angela built a beautiful proposal that had all the right pieces in place. The challenge was, she left in all her “behind the scenes” planning that can overwhelm a new prospect.

So all Kevin and I had to do was help her simplify and clarify the proposal to make it easy for the client to say yes.

If this is something that you’d find helpful in your own business – you can check out the replay here:


Kevin and I are getting some people together on December 11th for a Freelancer’s Journey Accelerator call

It’s a free coaching call where we’ll deep-dive into navigating your current business through the 7 phases of freelancing.

On this call we’ll help you identify which phase your business is in right now and help you make a plan to move into the next phase.

PLUS – we’ll have a live Q&A to get all your questions answered and help you break through tough barriers that have got you ‘stuck’ in your journey.

Want to join us?

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