Have you ever worked with a really great coach?

Whether it’s in sports, business, fitness, or whatever – having a great coach can get you to your goals faster, and help you avoid many pitfalls along the way.

But what I love about REALLY great coaches, is that they have this uncanny ability to plant little seeds in your mind that ruminate and grow…

Until one day – you magically have an idea that’s somehow the answer to all your problems.

You could THINK you’re talking to your coach about enchiladas…

But really they’re helping you figure out how to position yourself as a high-level consultant so you can stop taking on “done for you” client projects.

Or my favorite “great coach” trick, is when they ask you question after question, and all of a sudden you realize YOU actually have all the answers as you need. It was all there inside your brain, hidden behind the mountain of head trash you kept stuck between your ears.

Psychological ninjas, I tell you.

My friend Angie Colee is one of those brain ninjas who has a rare talent for helping people answer their own tough questions.

What’s even more amazing, is that she brings 100% focus and jet-fuel energy to every single conversation she has. When you’re working with Angie, you get ALL of Angie.

So when she told me she was launching a podcast, I knew that some serious bombas de value were about to be dropped.

I’m honored to be the very first guest on her brand spankin’ new “Permission to Kick Ass” podcast.


We managed to get super deep in a short amount of time. Pull up a chair for some free Angie coaching as we talk about:
  • My transition from 1-on-1 client work to Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) (and the mindset shift needed to make it happen)
  • How to get “unstuck” in your career whenever you’re unsure of what to do next.
  • The #1 skill you need to take your business to the next level
  • How to quickly build confidence in yourself and your skills (even if you are just getting started)
  • Our secret trick for mastering new skills FAST (it has nothing to do with studying)
  • The surprise trick to immediately and drastically increase your prices

Click here to listen to the very first episode of Angie Colee’s new Permission To Kick Ass podcast.

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