“How do I raise my rates?”

Most freelancers run into the question at some point in their careers..
But I hear it especially often when I talk to content marketers, ghostwriters, or other creative freelancers that create great work which sits more toward the top of the funnel than the bottom.
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Since marketing material like sales copy sits at the bottom of the funnel – it’s closer to the final sale. For many businesses, this makes it easier to measure the value – or direct return on investment – than top-of-funnel material.
This is also why many content marketers I meet eventually want to make the leap from CONTENT to COPY.
Because when the impact of your work is easy to MEASURE – since you can tie it directly to a specific sale – it’s easy to demonstrate the value of your work.
This is why most business owners are willing to pay MORE for “copywriting” than “content marketing.”
“Copy” lives closer to the sale and is often more measurable.
Here’s a quick video about WHY this is often the case… and how content marketers can use their existing skills to quickly and easily create simple pieces of “copy” that will move the needle for their clients, and allow them to raise their rates.

If you want my template for writing these short pieces of copy quickly – grab it here: