Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Personally, I do all my best thinking in the A.M.

Which is unfortunate…

Because I am terrible at getting up early.

It’s one of the perks (or curses?) of working for yourself – There’s nobody tapping their wrist because you’re late to the office.

Which means I gotta find some sort of internal motivation for getting up early. Yah… I’ll get right on that.

In fact, I’ve lived in Delray Beach, Florida for over 2 years now, and this morning was the FIRST time I made it to sunrise.

Sunsets I’ve seen plenty of (well, as much as one can when living on the East coast)…

But this morning I dragged my sleepy azz out of bed (and Branko’s as well, much to his chagrin) to go see a sunrise at the beach. (Worth it, by the way)

We stripped down and jumped in the cool waves, with only a slight thought to the fact that sunrise is also “feeding time” in the vast Atlantic.

Then we ate croissants at the French bakery down the road, and meandered our way toward work.

It was a delightful.

While I wish all mornings could be as lovely as this one, sometimes they just ‘aint.

Maybe your kid peed the bed, or your dog puked on the carpet while you’re brushing your teeth.

Or if you’re like me, sometimes you wake up and your brain just decides NOT to join the party.

Or sometimes, you might even do that thing you KNOW you’re not supposed to do…

And open your email while laying squinty-eyed in bed – immediately bombarded with a thousand different problems, and now you’re creativity and strategic thinking is COMPLETELY shot, and you know you’re destined to run around like a fool all day putting out fires instead of doing the important work you actually had scheduled for this morning…


Or sometimes you’re just a grumpy bitch because you’re tired of all this pandemic bullshit. I feel you.

There’s always going to be those days when it feels like the world is against you, and it’s impossible to get the important work done.

I recently had a great conversation with my Business of Writing Podcast co-host Laura Gale about this.

We dug into the headspace (or lack there of) involved with protecting and fueling your creativity while everything feels like it’s in flux.

Check out the video here:

(or grab the audio here if it’s one of those days where you can’t face the screen)

Because when everything feels crooked, sometimes you need a little help getting your head straight.

Hopefully this gives you the boost you need.

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