I just got off the phone with Todd Brown – an absolutely brilliant marketer and business strategist.

He’s helping us work through some of our biggest challenges this year – mostly around optimizing and scaling our front-end funnels so we bring in better leads.

As I was listening to Todd break down genius ideas in a digestible way (which he does brilliantly by asking great questions), I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the opportunity to rent an itty bitty space in his brain.

Last week I mentioned that I’ve been focusing a lot of MY brain on the “People Puzzle” – and the hard conversations I sometimes have when a people-puzzle-piece isn’t a perfect fit.

Right now I’m working through one of the hardest challenges I’ve faced yet – replacing MYSELF in the day-to-day operations of the biz.

Finding the right person to run the operations side of the business who can meet the extremely (and I’ll admit, sometimes astronomically) high standards we have for quality and service – that takes a LOT of brain-space.

First I had to figure out what it is that I actually DO all day. If you’ve ever tried to hire an assistant or outsourced work that you do – you already know that this is surprisingly difficult.

Fortunately for me, I’m a fiend about time-tracking, and use Toggl to record everything I do during the work day. If you’re not tracking your time and reviewing the reports once in awhile – I highly recommend it.

Toggl is free, and it’s a helpful tool to see where you can outsource or delegate low-value tasks. Plus it’s fun to stumble across passive-aggressive notes you’ve left yourself:

Then there’s the process of figuring out how to actually train someone to take over for you.

I mean, how do you “teach” years of trail-and-error… or Matrix-style brain-dump the historical knowledge needed to show a stranger where to find all the bits and bobs needed to do the job that took you nearly a decade to learn how to do yourself?

I’m still working on this part.

Then there’s the niggling self-doubt that I’m making things WAY more complicated than they need to be (Sorry Future-Me-Replacement) – followed by a fairly regular question about whether or not I should forget the whole thing, and resolve to do it all myself. (The correct answer is “no, you should not” – but brains be like that sometimes)

Bottom line – it’s pretty consuming.

So being able to work with smart people like Todd – who specialize in solving very particular problems, and are the best in the world at it – is invaluable.

In fact, I’d argue that renting brain-space from smart specialists is the only way to get things done sometimes.

Especially if your own brain is needed to answer questions that only YOU have the answer to.

How about you?

Shoot me a message and let me know what problems you’re brain is consumed with in your biz…

And what kind of smart-people-specialist you’d need to help you fix the other important issues you can’t give attention to right now.

I love making connections, and maybe I can put you in touch with the right smarty.

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