I’m currently in Portugal hanging with my podcast partner, Laura Gale.

We’re “working” – while also consuming a ridiculous amount of presunto, cheese and wine.

In between the podcast interviews, brainstorming, and unfairly-delicious work lunches…

We sat down to chat about what marketing and copy strategies are working well in 2020. 

Obviously, online marketing and sales has changed a lot over the years.  Not only because of watershed innovations like smart phones and chat-bots…

But also because of how people pay attention to advertising and sales messages. 

That’s because, these days people see more than 10,000 ads per day. That’s a YUGE leap from the 500 ads /day they’d see in the 1970’s. 

Since we’re constantly bombarded with sales messages – we often become blind to most ads, or at the very least, extremely skeptical. 

That means a lot of traditional copy, marketing, and advertising strategies ‘aint working so hot these days. 

So what’s a little ‘ole marketer supposed to do to grab attention and build a relationship with new prospects fast?

That’s exactly what Laura and I chat about in this special episode of The Business of Writing Podcast.  In this intimate interview we pull back the curtain on what we’ve been learning while working with our own clients. 

Listen in as we deep dive into what’s working in 2020 (and what doesn’t cut it anymore), including: 

  • Why 2020 is the best time to be a marketer
  • The rise of infotainment and death of “aggressive persuasion”
  • Why writers need to embrace transparency and authenticity more than ever
  • How to get readers in the right mindset before they land on your page
  • The new “writing superpower” that’s critical to making a personal connection with your reader
  • Why no one wants to share your ad (#sorrynotsorry)
  • The best way to build those “know, like, and trust” signals with your audience quickly
  • Our predictions for how marketing will continue to change in 2020
  • And more. 

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