Last week I took my first official “no work” vacation all year. (better late than never, right?)

I checked myself into a schwanky resort (will give you more deets on THAT awesome experience later) – and did absolutely NOTHING for 3 whole days. Its was blissfully indulgent. But also gave me a LOT of time alone with my thoughts.

You know what often comes with too much time alone with your thoughts?

Head Trash.

There’s a lot of head trash that comes along with being an entrepreneur (especially in a creative field!)

Imposter syndrome, mental blocks, stress round pricing your services and selling your own services.

Even if you’re great at selling your clients’ offers, freelancers and creatives are notoriously bad at promoting themselves and confidently presenting their achievements.

That’s what Laura and I are talking about in this recent BOW episode. Join us as we talk about money mindset, building confidence in your skills, and how to get over the fear of promoting your offers and services.

Click here to listen: