“Scale your biz” seems to be the mainstream mantra among entrepreneurs and business owners – especially in the marketing world.

But “scaling” up your business can mean so many different things, and truth be told – it isn’t for everyone.

I have friends who run very successful businesses and make a GREAT living by completing 3-4 main projects per year – on their own – then spend the rest of their time taking month-long sabbaticals and enjoying their best life.

Other friends I know are HUNGRY to create a legacy business – building a team and an entity much bigger than themselves. A heritage that will outlast them and do great things far beyond their own capabilities.

I know others who want to be more of a “board of directors” and oversee 10-20 different businesses – all with their own teams and markets.

I can think of a few of my clients who would crawl under the covers at that last one. But for me – the idea of owning a portfolio of real estate rentals, laundromats, ecom businesses, etc. lights me on FIYAH.

The cool thing is – there’s no one “right’ way to scale.

But what you do need to have is the RIGHT tools and processes in place to scale in a way that creates a business you WANT to wake up and work on everyday.

This weekend, I’m speaking at a virtual summit on how to scale your income and your biz…

But YOUR way.

We’ll be walking through the tools I used to scale Copy Chief’s team and marketing processes –  from a handful of scrappy entrepreneurs wearing too many hats…

To an expert team of 25+ specialists cohesively working toward a shared goal.

If you’ve been frustrated by all the noise about growing your business…

Or feel overwhelmed with all the conflicting advice out there from wannabe “gurus”…

Then I think you’ll enjoy this new virtual event happening this week.

My friend Dr. Noah St. John is hosting The 7-Figure Expert Summit designed to help entrepreneurs add 6- or 7-figures to their biz in record time – and he’s put together a pretty incredible line up of expert speakers, including:

  • Rich Schefren: The Single Strategy Guaranteed to Grow Your Business
  • Jon Benson: How To Create Killer High-Converting Promo Emails in MINUTES!
  • Nicholas Kusmich:  Fast Track Client Getting
  • Evan Carmichael: How to Get 3.5 Million YouTube Subscribers
  • Charles Byrd: How To Attract And Connect With Ideal Joint Venture Partners
  • Igor Kheifets: How a Burger King Bus Boy Is Making 7 Figures a Year Working 10 Hours a Week
  • John Lee Dumas: How to Have Your Own Profitable Podcast
  • Eileen Wilder: Secrets of 6- and 7-Figure Virtual Events
  • Loral Langemeier: The Power of Leverage
  • Mike Filsaime: The Better Way To Build Funnels And Sell Digital Products
  • Julian Bryant: How to Win Big by Doing What Others Aren’t Willing to Do
  • Kenneth Yu: HOLY GRAIL OFFERS: 3 Magic Ingredients to Create an Irresistible Offer That Attracts Buying Frenzy, Supernatural Results and Customer Salivation
  • Cierra Lueck: The #1 Classified Method to Grow, Engage, & Monetize Your Facebook Group
  • Bryan Dulaney:  The Golden Ticket of Facebook Ads
  • Sharon Lechter: How to Play Big- Be #1 in Your Field, Live Your Legacy and Create Maximum Impact
  • Jeff Lerner: Unlock Your Potential
  • Adam Farfan: How to Become a Financial Genius

And yours truly – presenting on How To Scale Your Business – Your Way.

This virtual event is designed to help you create a unique map that will guide you along a path toward financial and personal freedom.

The event is free to attend live – but you’ll have to pay if you want the recordings. So I highly recommend grabbing a ticket so you can learn from this incredible line-up without the hefty price tag.

Click here to grab your free ticket to The 7-Figure Expert Summit

You’ll need to reserve your digital seat to attend so that Dr. Noah’s team can send out your links to watch for free each day of the event.

They do have some pretty incredible bonuses for anyone who gets in early. Check them out here before they’re gone.