As marketers, we’re constantly coming up with great ideas.

That’s what we get paid the big bucks for, right?

The challenge is, when you’re brain is in “idea generation” mode all the time – it can be tough to filter through all those different ideas and choose the best one to focus on.

This is especially true when it comes to running your business.

“Shiny Object Syndrome” is a real problem – both for freelancers and business owners alike.

So how do you choose the absolute BEST idea to focus on right now?

Here’s a system my friend Chris Orzechowski shared with me after he learned it from master marketer Frank Kern.

This quick exercise helps you rank you ideas using 6 different criteria so you can identify the single, best idea that will bring you:

A.) The most profit, and
B.) Is also the most rewarding and enjoyable for you

Here’s how it works:

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