Exactly 1 week ago, I sent off a quiet email to everyone on the waitlist for my new Advertorial 101 Training Program

For this first round, I’m limiting the number of seats available so everyone can get the personal attention and coaching they need. 

I promised everyone on that list that I’d let them know when enrollment opened so they could grab one of the few spots before it was publicly available. 

To be honest, the response was overwhelming…

But that’s what I get for opening the doors and then immediately flying off to Western Europe to meet up with my podcast partner, Laura Gale. 

Sometimes I ‘aint the brightest bulb in the box. 😛

But there are still a few spots open if you want to learn how to research, write, and use advertorial presale pages that convert cold traffic.

We’ll spend 4 weeks together in this step-by-step coaching program that teaches you how to transform cold or skeptical readers into eager buyers – before they even land on your sales page.

Now here’s the thing…

The cost to join this live training program is (in my opinion) ridiculously low. 

I’ve made it as affordable as possible because I’m asking everyone who joins this first round to share their thoughts and feedback so I can build case studies as we go through the course. 

In fact, it’s one of the requirements to join this live round of the program when we kick off in a few weeks. 

So if you’re:

  • Looking to make your leads “ready to buy” before they hit your sales page…
  • Able to join the live calls once per week…
  • Committed to doing the short weekly assignments to develop your skills…
  • And willing to share your thoughts, questions, and feedback as we move through the program and let me use them to build case studies…

Then I would love to invite you to grab one of the limited seats and join me in this program. 

Sound good?

>>> Click here to get the details and reserve your spot <<<

If you’ve got questions about this program, I’m happy to answer them. Just hit “comment” and ask away.