Last week I shared my perspective on the biggest opportunities for writers and marketers in 2024 (and why I think courses are dead – drama drama drama).

Those are just a few of the things I’m doubling down on this year…

But one thing I’m NOT doing is – well – all the things.

I’m a 9 on the Kolbe Quickstart scale.

That means I tend to jump off the proverbial cliff without looking first to see if there’s rocks at the bottom.

I move fast and break things.

This has worked well for me so far.

It’s the reason I’m known as a serial implementor.

Someone who just “figures thing out” and “gets shit done.”

It’s the reason that Visionaries seek me out to develop and launch exciting new offers, or make their ideas into reality, or run their businesses and teams.

And it’s a big reason I’m able to achieve most of the goals I set for myself.

Because nobody puts Baby in a corner.

Except maybe… for Baby.

Baby puts Baby in a corner.

And then Baby gets REAL resourceful REAL fast so she doesn’t have to chew her arm off like a rabid dog to escape the hairy situation she created for herself by starting something wacky and assuming “Future Baby” will FOR SURE figure out all the details later.

But I digress.

Even though my quickstart-ness has served me well so far…

It’s only viable up to a certain level of business.

Eventually you need to slow down, shut your trap, listen more, and pay attention to what’s happening around you before taking the leap.

Because when you’re running things on your own – all scrappy and firing off little ‘experiments’ like bullets from a gun…

You can afford to fail fast and go off the rails a bit.

You fall down. Scrape your knee.

Have a little cry if you need to

And then get back up and move on to the next thing.

But when you’re running a team… or in charge of taking care of someone ELSE’S business baby…

You can’t drive like a crazy person.

Because if you crash the bus – there’s a whole lot more people who are going to get hurt than just you.

So one thing I’m focusing on this year is doing LESS and slowing down.

Spending less time doing, and more time listening, and thinking.

This is terrifying for me.

Probably because I’ve got some b.s. childhood trauma about achievement – tying my self-worth to what I produce, or the value I deliver to others.

But I’m willing to sit with it and try something new.

Because it took me 35 years to REALLY learn this…

But I’ve finally figured out that if you focus on a few key things…

And say “no” (or at least hit pause on everything else) – You will achieve more than you could ever possibly imagine.

(Who knew?)

So I’m going to try my best to NOT start a million new things this year.

And instead – stop trying to have my fingers in all the pies at once.

Stop trying ride 5 horses with 1 ass.

This year my goal is to focus on a few key things and put everything else aside…

Just for just a little while.

I’ve had 2 mantras this past year that have served me well, and I’m hoping they’ll help me put my “shiny object” monster in a box on the shelf for a bit:

#1 – Do less, but better

#2 – What would this look like if it were easy

So my challenge to you today is – pick one thing to focus on, then ask yourself…

If you could wave a magic wand…. What would this look like if it were easy?

Most often the answer is not to add MORE things… but to take things away.

Make it simpler. Smaller.

You know… Do less, but better. 🙂

But I want to hear from you – What are you personally excited about creating, building, changing, testing, etc for your own business in 2024?


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