With everyone living and socializing in the virtual world right now, it seems like everyone and their hamster has a new “coaching program” these days.

You’ve probably seen a billion Youtube or Facebook posts popping up from various insta-gurus saying…

“I’m thinking of starting a private mastermind where I teach my $10k From Your Couch system.™ ”


“My Netflix-and-Chill © method is CRUSHING it right now! Reply with “I’m in” if you want to learn how to do it yourself.”

These posts are usually followed by comments from a couple hundred Serial-Course-Takers caught up in the FOMO, who are “Totally In!”


Insta-Guru is now a certified coach/thought-leader/influencer/frapachino-whatsit-shaman

Hey I get it…

A lot of people have an abundance of time on their hands, and most of us are putting things out into the ether that we normally would sit on for a few days before hitting “publish”

And I am NOT knocking coaching programs, mastermind groups, or online courses.

Heck – I spend a small fortune on them myself, and can honestly say I’ve earned back every penny (and more) after implementing what I learn there.

But, it seems like too many of these pop-up-programs fizzle out after a few weeks…

It’s almost like the chutzpah fades away when the insta-guru gets a few days in and realizes…

“Hey. This whole online coaching thing is actually a lot of work! Why are y’all asking so many gatt-dam QUESTIONS? Just read the slides I threw together and leave me alone.”

Of course, there are always exceptions. I’ve seen the same thing done by coaches who lead with integrity – and it’s easy to spot the difference.

And launching your (legit) course or coaching program on social media is a great way to get traction quickly.

The difference is – courses and coaching should develop out of the coach’s proven, real-world experience and lessons learned from getting RESULTS.

Results that didn’t just happen once, and not just for themselves, but for other people they’ve worked with and taught it to as well.

So how do you know when’s the RIGHT time to launch a coaching program?

And how do you do it so you stand out from all the fast-fading insta-gurus clogging the feeds right now?

That’s exactly what Copy Chief’s Kevin Rogers and I talk about on this episode of Copy Chief Radio.

If you’re thinking of launching a truly legit coaching program, this is for you.

After launching the brand new Escape Velocity program earlier this year – we reverse engineered this coaching offer that sold out 50+ seats and generated over six-figures in 3 weeks.

We used the same principles to launch our new Freelancer’s Journey Accelerator program just last month, and met our goal just from promoting to past coaching grads.

Don’t worry. There ‘aint no insta-guru-ing here.

This coaching offer is based on Kevin’s experience helping thousands of freelancer’s get amazing results for years.

This isn’t just about the numbers, though. We’re sharing what went into the coaching to get our students results… how we structured the campaign to offer the coaching… and what will come next as a result.

Click here to listen to Copy Chief Radio #168 – How, When, and Why To Offer a Coaching Offer w/ Kevin Rogers and Rachel Mazza


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