“I think I want to start a podcast.”

It was a beautiful sunny day in Lisbon, Portugal. I was sitting in my favorite park, drinking espresso at my favorite cafe, with one of my favorite people – Ghostwriter, Laura Gale.

Life was pretty good as I listened to her tell me about her new idea in between bites of croissant misto.

To be frank, I never got the podcast thing.

You see, I loathe listening to radio DJs – always talking over the end of your favorite song and spouting bouts of 
absolutely nothing as they try to avoid the biggest no-no of broadcasting – silence.

So I couldn’t comprehend why someone would want to sit down and listen to someone jibber jabber for an hour (or more) in what I thought of as “radio without the music.”

But Laura has great ideas, and is fascinating to talk to. PLUS – she’s got that amazing Australian accent. So I was all-in to support her in her new podcast venture.

“Sounds fun! You’ll have a blast working on something new,” I said.

“…. Yeah…. but I don’t want to do it alone.”

*Cheeky Australian grin*

Over 75 fascinating episodes later, our little show about building a business with your writing skills has grown into an incredible marketing asset thanks to dozens of talented guests, and hundreds of dedicated listeners.

Now that I’ve spent over a year building this show, I see how uniquely valuable podcasts are to growing your skills and your business. Getting to peek behind the curtain and listen to intimate conversations among people who have done what you want to do…

It’s such an valuable resource, that it’s hard to believe it’s free!

Laura and I have already learned so much from our guests and from working in a partnership as we grow the show together.

So when Jen Adams from The Professional Writers Alliance asked us to sit down and share our thoughts about launching a podcast with a friend – we were more than happy to oblige.  

Listen to this short session about launching a podcast with a friend, and you’ll learn:

  • Why you might want to start a podcast to grow your writing business, including the 4 reasons they launched their own show
  • When it’s NOT a great idea for a writer to do a podcast (Laura’s short list of self-questions are must-answer points if you’re even considering it)
  • The one big thing to be sure you agree on with your co-host if you choose to podcast with a friend
  • How to navigate the conversations about who is responsible for what on a shared show (so you can keep your friend AND keep the podcast going, too)
  • The biggest “upside” to having a co-host working with you to do a show — including multiple examples you can use to assess whether your proposed podcaster partner is going to be a good choice
  • What keeps the podcast fun — and what to do if it’s not fun anymore (knowing your seasons, “shelf life”, and how to stop with grace)
  • And more…

Click here to listen