Yesterday I was chatting with my good friend Laura Gale about Ai…

And how our job as humans will be to master the art of imagination.

I’ve already shared my thoughts here about how memorizing prompts for Chat GPT (or using Ai templates) does you a huge disservice as a marketer.

It’s lazy – and those people relying on prompts and templates will soon be left behind.

We gotta get better at using our human brains.

The true Ai experts will get REALLY good at:

  1. Imagining what’s possible…
  2. Visualizing a specific outcome…
  3. Then explaining to the robots how they want them to do it.

Laura and I both admitted that we’ve been lazy with our imagination.

In fact… it feels like we haven’t TRULY used our imagination in years.

Not at the level that we are capable of anyway.

A lot of the “creative work” we both do in our day-do-day work is really more like  assembling and editing other people’s ideas.

She’s a ghostwriter for high-performance entrepreneurs like Brian Kurtz, Marcella Allison, Russ Parry, and more.

I spend most of my time these days helping top marketers like Kevin Rogers and Henry Bingaman to leverage and maximize the incredible content and knowledge they put out into the world.

We both have our own courses, email lists, blogs, and passion projects…

But it feels like we have less selfish “thinking time” for our OWN visions and passions than ever before.

Laura put it best:

“I feel like my imagination has atrophied.”

We challenged each other to start dedicating more time to “big thinking” and imagination again…

And committed to taking a quarterly solo trip where we take 1-3 days and go somewhere alone – just to think.

We’re calling it “The Radical Honesty Retreat” and agreed to do it every 90 days (even if it’s just one day).

The point is to get really raw and honest with yourself about what you truly want…

And also honest about what you’re doing now – and whether or not it’s aligned with that vision.

So I took a day this week to try and reset my “vision” for the future.

It was a great exercise that I haven’t done in years – and I felt like I had way more clarity afterwards.

It was also a good wake up call to live every day with more intention – and get ruthless about where I’m putting my energy and focus.

I’d love to challenge you guys to do the same.

If you want some inspiration – send me a message I’d be glad to share what I wrote down with you.

But don’t feel like you need to match the style or format of how I’ve outlined my own vision for the future.

You do you – approach this how it feels best and gives you the most clarity.

Also… remember… you are allowed to change your mind!

This is why we committed to doing this every 90 days.

Because the things we want change all the time – and it’s important to allow for those shifts.

So if you accept the challenge – block out a few hours this week and get away from your desk. Take a notebook and a pen and go somewhere inspiring to think big.

Stretch that imagination muscle.

If you feel comfortable sharing – I’d love to hear your big-picture vision!

Ping me here and send it over!

I just recorded a killer podcast with another badass entrepreneur chick – Angie Colee. It was all about burn-out and figuring out what you want out of life. Check it out here.

Can’t-Miss Moments From This Episode:

  • Dropping a truth bomb: “No” isn’t mean, it’s essential. And it doesn’t require reasons or justifications, period. When you hear what we have to say about the power of, “No” you’re going to be sprinkling it into a lot more of your interactions…
  • Guess what? You gotta exercise more than just your body – willpower and creativity are muscles too, and if you haven’t been using them it’s likely you’re (understandably) underperforming. We will show you how to stay disciplined when you need to (or goof off when you need to)… no guilt necessary.
  • Leadership starts now: one thing that really gets me riled up is this unspoken idea that we only become leaders at a certain “level.” I call BS. Practice the skills now so that when your team needs you, you know what to do. We show you the “dividing line” trick that helps us keep our heads cool (and our relationships strong).
  • What’s the plan, man? Look: low energy days are gonna happen, especially if you’re a caretaker, strapped for cash, or dealing with chronic illness or any other of the myriad challenges of being human. We reveal how we create “wins” AND rest on low-energy days (and it’s easier than you think).
  • How do you know which action is moving you forward, and what’s busy work that only makes it SEEM like things are getting done? We share our favorite planning strategies (and these work even if you don’t see yourself as particularly organized).

Listen here and hopefully it helps you get even more clarity around your big-picture vision