For the past several weeks, it seems like everyone’s been talking about the “uncertain times” – including myself! 

It’s true, with the quarantine and the entire world turned on its head…

it’s hard to be certain about what comes next. 

For example…

I’m uncertain about planning for industry events later this year. 

I’m uncertain about how my process of finding clients will shift as companies change the way they do business.

And I’m certainly uncertain about what T. F. we’re going to do with all the sourdough starters, fridge pickles, and jars of kimchi my partner has brewed over the past few weeks as we’ve grown increasingly restless while sheltering in place. 

But my email-marketing-girl-crush Laura Belgray made a great point on her Instagram the other day…

While we’re uncertain about how life will change as we mold to the “new normal”…

Nothing has EVER been truly certain before, and we’ve adapted just fine!

Your bus was never guaranteed to show up on schedule… 

Your doctor appointment was never guaranteed to start on time… 

And your job security was never guaranteed to last.

And you know what? 
You rolled with the punches and figured it out just fine. 

The uncertainty of today is no different. 

Churches closed?
The Vatican live-streamed Easter service and more people attended than ever before. 

Can’t meet up for your dinner date with friends? 
Hold a virtual cocktail-and-game night on Zoom. 

Gettin’ chunkay since the gym closed? 
Make your own exercise equipment at home 
(Seriously…. there’s a Kettlebell shortage so we made our own and it’s awesome)

The point is…

You got this. 

And you’re in a unique position to help your family, community, clients, and customers “got this” too. 

Now more than ever, people are looking for strong leadership. 
Your audience and your clients are no exception.

That’s exactly what my podcast partner Laura Gale and I are talking about on the latest episode of The Business of Writing Podcast.

We’re gettin’ down and dirty with the SPECIFIC actions we’re taking to pivot our businesses as the market changes.

We also chat about:

  • What you can do to lead even if you don’t have an established audience yet
  • The resilient assets you should be building now so you’re not only relying on client work
  • How to future-proof your lead flow, marketing, and client projects
  • The specific actions you should take right now to protect your business and continue growing during tough times 
  • What to do if you’re feeling drained, anxious, and completely distracted 
  • Our advice for making the most of any ‘free time’ you have to grow your business during a downturn
  • Rachel’s process for separating strategy from tactics so you only execute your most important ideas
  • How to build a network of support to protect your business during a crisis
  • And a lot more. 

>>> Click here to listen <<<

You’ll learn how to position yourself as an authority that people will turn to for guidance, as well as how to adjust your business plan to keep up with the shifting landscape.

But also, I’d love to hear more about how YOU’RE changing your business and your processes as things shift and evolve.

What are you doing differently now that you weren’t doing before?
How are you planning and preparing for future changes?
Comment below and let me know. 

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