This week I’m in scenic Oneida, NY with Kevin Roger’s RFL Supergroup.

We’re here for our bi-annual mastermind:

David Power – April Dykman – Abbey Woodcock – Rachel Mazza – Melanie Warren – Chris Orzechowski – Nicole Piper – Brian McCarthy – Allison Carpio – Kevin Rogers

Holy Schnitzel, that is one good lookin’ group of wordsmiths.

When you get this many talented Copy Chiefs in a room together, big things are bound to happen.

We’ve had 3 days of incredible video shoots, valuable hot seat lessons, and more than a few tough-love chats.

Not to mention the incredible food. Man, these cool cats know how to EAT.

My mastermind-buddy-slash-foodie-soul-mate Allison Carpio and I made a super quick video to share some of our biggest take-a-ways from this morning.

Check it out in the video below, and if you’d like to hang with me and the rest of the supergroup crew, we’re getting together again in October for Copy Chief Live 2019.

It’s 3 jam-packed days of food, high-level networking, parties, and world-class training.

CCLive a major reason why my business is where it’s at today, and if you’re interested in making great money as a copywriter, I’d consider it mandatory attendance.

In fact, I had several friends walk away last year with contracts for big copywriting publishers like Agora.

If you go for no other reason, then check it out to watch copy legends like John Carlton and Parris Lampropolous jam out on the guitar at the after-party concert.

PLUS – it’s a “no-pitch event” (which means no one is going to try and sell you anything from the stage). It’s 100% pure value, training, and high-level networking.

If you’d like to come hang with us in St. Petes, FL and work on your business together, then click here to get the discount early bird tickets.