The market for creative freelancing talent has never been hotter.

Recent conditions have forced most companies to embrace remote work, and bringing in skilled freelancers has been a big part of their success stories.

It’s the freelancers who understand how to work well remotely, negotiate top pay, and position themselves as respected experts who will sit in the driver’s seat 2022.

That’s the good news…

But, this also means the freelance market is more crowded than ever.

Highly skilled workers who were once content to grow with one company now realize their best income and lifestyle opportunities are as in-demand freelancers.

So, the race is on for every freelancer to choose a clear specialty and establish themselves as a premiere expert in their field.

2022 will be THE year we see the gap widen between freelancers with a confident game plan for attracting premium projects with 5-Star clients, and those who continue to “wing it” and hope for the best.

That’s why it’s so important to Kevin Rogers and I that our Freelancing Transformation Bootcamp is NOT just another virtual summit where you’re sitting on Zoom, listening to experts talk about their tactics, and walking away with little more than a stack full of notes to go at the bottom of your to-do pile…

Instead, it’s a fully interactive workshop where you’re putting what you learn into action in your own business in REAL TIME – all with the personal help of expert coaches and the innovative superstars of their craft.

This Bootcamp is the best of everything we do in our high-level freelancer coaching programs…

Condensed into a 3-day coaching event that gives you everything you need to kick serious ass in 2022.

Here’s how it works…

Day 1 is all about “The Craft” – We’ll focus on helping you become GREAT at what you do by choosing a specialty and a prominent “money skill” so you can stand out from the crowd.

Day 2 we’ll focus on truly “Owning It” – This is all about building your authority and OWNING your greatness as a confident and proud authority. We’ll teach you how to show up in the industry and be seen as a respected expert.

Day 3 is all about building momentum, and taking your business into the next phase of The Freelancers Journey – You’ll get the best of what we coach in our freelancing students – showing you how to keep yourself booked, increase your revenue, and evolving your business to create your ideal lifestyle.

We’d love for you to join this 3-day live virtual bootcamp November 9, 10 & 11th.

I promise – If you show up big at this event, ready to be coachable and take action on what you learn…

Then you’ll walk out with a complete action plan to skyrocket your business in 2022.

You’ll be leaving with a stronger business, and more personal confidence than ever in your ability to take your freelancing to the next level.

Discounted Early Bird tickets are only available for a limited time, and the price increases as we get closer to the event – so click here to get the best price possible.

Excited to see you there,
Rachel, Kevin, and The Copy Chief Team