Is it just me, or do you ever look at a business or brand and think, “Man, that business is SEXAY”?

Nespresso is a great example. Damn, that branding is so sexy I feel it in my loins.

First off, their website makes you feel like you’re about to be invited to a luxurious private island, where everyone wears white cotton and big hats to protect their delicate skin from the sun.

When you get your products in the mail, it’s like a tempestuous Apple doppleganger – with sleek black packaging instead of white, but maintaining that sexy minimalist vibe.

Then you walk into one of their stores and everything they sell has that classy “white glove” feel – from the nordic-esque ceramics, to the earthy chrome colored pods.

I mean, for God’s sake – George Clooney is their spokesperson!

(That salt n’ pepper stallion could take me on a stroll through a Puerto Rican coffee farm any day of the week.)

Then there’s businesses who are sexy with or without the branding.

If you’re trying to Google “sexy business” right now, I ‘aint talking about those stock photos that pop up.

I’m talking about businesses that sell luxury yachts, tours of Napa valley, crafted cocktails, upscale coffee, designer handbags– and yes – lingerie.

Their branding could feature the poop emoji and these businesses would STILL be sexy.

(Did you know that emoji was SUPPOSED to be chocolate ice cream? Talk about brand disconnect.)

The point is, sexy businesses are obviously lucrative….

… but I’d like to argue there’s BIG money in unsexy business.

Many times, sexy businesses sell things that people really really WANT…

… but unsexy businesses sell things that people NEED.

For example, funeral homes. Unfortunately, everybody needs one of those eventually.

Lawn care, not something you go window shopping for on a Saturday, but definitely something that gets marked as “necessary utilities” more often than not.

Waste management. Very few kiddos say “I want to be a garbage man when I grow up!”

But you know what? Garbage men make BANK.

And the company that controls most of the waste management in the USA is worth BILLIONS.

Heck, the last Air BnB I stayed in was a coach house on a multi-million dollar estate, and you know what my host did?

Caulking. He had a caulking business in Florida.

Powerwashing, vending machines, coin operated laundry – these are all unsexy businesses that make millions.

But here’s the thing…

I see so many copywriters and marketers struggle to build a career that focuses on serving sexy businesses.

But after years of working with clients across dozens of industries, I’ve learned that focusing on unsexy business is WAY easier, and just as lucrative.

Plus, you’ve already got experience in TONS of unsexy business!

Like to make kombucha at home?
Used to be an accountant Or run payroll as HR?
Have experience raising children with special needs?
Love powertools?

All these things have something in common:

They need sexy copy to sex up their unsexy business
(or at the very least, help them communicate clearly with their audience).

And YOU are extremely qualified to help them do it.

Because you have a unique combination of experience, knowledge, and interest that no one else has.

Kevin Rogers from Copy Chief calls this your “Unique DNA.”

You can use your unique DNA to build a roaringly successful business (or freelance career) helping unsexy businesses craft and promote their message.

And having the freedom that comes with that business?
That complete control over your career, your lifestyle, and your finances?

Now THAT’s sexy. 🙂

Wanna cash in on unsexy business?

In my new Advertorial 101 Training Program, we talk a lot about how to use your Unique DNA…

Specifically, using it to tell engaging stories that slips past the “salesman defense” of cold or skeptical readers – transforming them into eager new prospects.

But that’s just one part of creating persuasive pre-sale pages that convert cold traffic and help lower traffic costs.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in >>> Check out the program here. 


    2 replies to "Unsexy Business"

    • Claudia Cesarotti

      Hi Rachel! I’m with you in EV2 thru Copy Chief, but am very interested in your advertorial training. Is it the same training as what is available thru Copy Chief? …or is it more? If so, I’ m in! Thanks!

      • admin

        Hey Claudia! Great to see you here! This will be a lot more in-depth training that what we’re covering in the Copy Chief Money Skills training. That is a fantastic overview if you’re just getting started, and this new course is a 4-week intensive to train you how to write advertorials for clients or your own biz.

        It will be in a very similar format to Escape Velocity, where we’ll jump on a live coaching call each week, and have a Q&A immediately afterwards.

        Would love to see you there! Let me know if you need more info.

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